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If you follow my Youtube channel or Instagram you would probably know that I am the head photographer at Loveclothing

I don't usually share much of my time at work, I have shown a little in my last vlog video and shall again in my next. It's usually very busy and last Friday was a particularly busy but such an enjoyable day! 

I thought I would share pictures as my next vlog won't show a lot, but I wanted to share some of the results from the day and my edits, I don't edit the ones which are on the website.

We had a lovely relaxed test shoot with this beautiful model called Lovette. She was so easy to photograph and direct, a real pleasure to work with!

I had two mens shoots that day, first was with Paul for studio shots for a couple of hours, then it was Bill for studio and location.

My last outfit post "Buckles and Studs" was photographed at work whilst exploring the building, my boss liked it so much he said we should also do this for our website, always nice when you try something out and people like your results!

First we went to the same room I did my outfit pictures in, I'm a sucker for a grey background, and the lighting from the windows created such lovely tones!

We got a bit braver and explored areas which were being renovated, so much fun sneaking around! This place really was amazing but so creepy!
I usually prefer shooting with women, but I did really enjoy doing this location shoot with Bill. I feel I got the best shots of him yet and he was such a natural!

Once the models had left I carried on shooting other bits and pieces I usually do, the detail shots of everything new that came in etc. It was a really productive and varied day which made shooting for 8 hours go surprisingly fast!

Which is your favourite image?

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  1. Lovette is gorgeous! Love her makeup too, I can see why you prefer shooting females ha. You have an awesome job :)


  2. All looks so amazing
    s xx

  3. Love the men's "exploring" shots! So cool. :) You're very good at your job.

    xo Ashley

  4. These are so cool, what an amazing job! Would love a post on how you got into it!


  5. Stunning photos! Absolutely loving the outfits!

    I'm giving away a MAC Lipstick on my blog if you'd like to enter!

  6. nicee



  7. From Paris , the parka of the man is very very nice


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