How I Style Patterned Leggings

Here I've put together 6 looks on how I might style 4 pairs of my patterned leggings. Let me know your favourite! Also let me know any other styling videos you would like to see me do!

Dear Lola giveaway is now closed and the winner has been contacted by Dear Lola.


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The Edit Launch - Youtube Event

Photos via Sarah, Lucy & Shore

If you watched my recent vlog you will have seen that I went to London to attend a Youtube party. It was on a rooftop garden in Covent Garden, for the launch of Base79's new youtube network, "The Edit". This will bring together all the best of youtube's beauty and fashion community, as well as up and coming ones. 

It was such a fun event, eating fancy cup cakes, sipping pimm's on a roof top garden whilst talking with some of my favourite youtubers! A bit surreal seeing some in person after watching them for months online! Everyone was as lovely as I'd expected and really easy to approach and talk to.

Total fan girl moment when Patricia told me she watched some of my videos and even said my channel name, which isn't really the most catchy and rememberable name to exist ^_^

So lovely to finally get to chat to Lucy as I've seen her around at a few events now, but never had the chance to talk to her. I spent most of my night with the lovely Sarah, Amy and Kate <3

Watch footage from the event from 7:53 - 9:19

A big thank you to The Edit for hosting such a lovely event and for the gifts in the goodie bag! Was so much fun, lovely and relaxed, and so great to get to talk to such lovely people!

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Monochrome Mint

Mink Pink Blazer / c/o MeeMee
Top / Topshop
Leggings / c/o Dear Lola
Shoes / Zara
Jewellery / c/o Shop Dixi

You will recognise this outfit if you follow my on instagram, I posted this but with my Amercian Apparel Disco Pants instead. I loved that outfit so much, I adapted it for my "How I style Patterned Leggings" Video I recently uploaded onto my channel.

I love the monochrome look with a subtle summer feel tricking in with the mint ombre of the blazer. I'm so happy to finally own something by Mink Pink, I'm always lusting over their clothes and MeeMee have an amazing selection! Next to invest in a Kimono by them!

As we are getting closer to summer I've started collecting Rose Gold, now to get a tan to compliment it's warm tones *sigh*

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My First Vlog!

I'm so happy with this vlog, my first ever attempt! I spent far too much time editing it, and once I'd put it together, I spent a further hour tweaking it and cutting it down. I'm a perfectionist and I really enjoy editing :)

This vlog follows me over 8 days (I didn't film one day) and shows packages I've received, my weekend with Jack down the beach and at his house, a sneak peak of my next youtube video, showing my lighting set up for filming, planning of future blog posts, footage from a youtube event I attended in London, shopping around Norwich, and Father's day with my family <3 

I enjoyed filming this and hope to do more in the future. I love watching vlogs, seeing what people get up to and seeing more of their personality, so I thought I would share the same with you guys :)

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The Bohemian Collective

I was first introduced to The Bohemian Collective after attending an Ax Paris Blogger event earlier this year, which you can read about here. In the amazing goodie bag from the night was the Sterling Silver Wish Bone Knuckle Ring! I instantly fell in love with it, as I'd seen knuckle rings on the internet, but never came across one to buy. Usually if I can, I prefer to try on rings as my fingers are really small, meaning most small sizes in places like Topshop are just too big! So I was greatly surprised that it did fit me!

I recently won their monthly instagram competition, a £20 voucher! (I never win anything, I was so happy!) All you have to do is hashtag #thebohemiancollective on a picture of your Bohemian Collective jewellery on instagram or twitter to be entered. I ordered the beautiful Sterling Silver Oval Turquoise Ring, and that weekend they also had an offer, each order received a free knuckle ring! Was a lovely surprise to receive the Rose Gold Wish Bone Knuckle Ring, I'm slowly building a collection of rose gold <3

What I love about The Bohemian Collective especially, is their beautiful range of sterling silver, solid gold and solid rose gold jewellery. They aren't plated so you don't have to worry about your fingers eventually going green or the hassle of applying clear nail varnish to the band to prevent that happening. 
Also following them via instagram I can see that many items are handmade in their workshop, where they are always coming up with new designs. I'm always one to support companies from the UK, especially when things are handmade for their customers. It's nice to spend that bit more to get a unique non mass produced item which will last you <3

If you would like some beautiful items for yourself, use code "thanksleanne" for 20% off all orders until 6th July!

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May Favourties

Things I loved in May, a mixture of clothes, skincare, hobbies, music and more! Links all below!

Other videos and blog posts mentioned in video;
- May haul
- Baia Bag Review (also use code "Leanne" on their website for 25% off their "mini bag" until 30th June 2013
- Eyeshadow colours I use from my Naked 2 palette for my brows are "tease" & "busted"
- Learn how to do the crochet squares I did in my top here.
- View all my handmade creations here.

What I'm wearing;
Lipstick - Chanel "Romantic"
Top - c/o Glamorous
Necklace - c/o Traditional Heart (who are on etsy)
Rings - c/o Shop Dixi & The Bohemian Co.

Items mentioned;
1. Cheap Monday Maxi dress from / Asos
2. Hand Bag / Baia Bags
3. Primark Green Sandals
4. Batiste dry shampoo / Superdrug
5. Bdellium 762 Angled Brow Brush / Cute Cosmetics
6. Clinique Anti -blemish solutions clear blemish gel / Clinique
7. Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub / Boots
8. Crocheting!
9. Application - "Vine"
10. Robin Thicke - "Blurred Lines" Featuring T.I & Pharrell Williams / Youtube

What were your favourites of last month, or this month so far?

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Lime Crime Lipsticks

Swatch colours in order: Glamour 101, Airborne Unicorn, Red Velvet
Glamour 101
Airborne Unicorn
Red Velvet worn in this youtube video (hard to get a good screen grab!)

I found Lime Crime through instagram, originally coming across the owner Doe Deere, who is amazingly beautiful with her doll like features and pastel purple coloured hair. I was intrigued by the thought of experimenting with lip colour and opted for the purple shade "Airborne Unicorn", thinking it would look lovely when I soon dye my hair a pastel pink or purple! (I need to get my roots done first!) They have so many colours, but I don't think I am brave for most of the others.

I purchased my two lipsticks from Cute Cosmetics for £11.50 each. Before they had free UK delivery with orders over £15, but now they have upped it to orders over £30. Their postage is only £2.95 so I wouldn't be put off ordering from them again. They had unfortunately sold out of the Velvetines so I purchased mine from I love makeup for £11.50 their delivery is £3.50, again not much.


Lipsticks - I loved the colour of "Airborne Unicorn", I wouldn't wear it out for the day, as it's not the most flattering on ones teeth colour, but it would look amazing for photoshoots and for when I have pastel hair! I did find the colours in real life didn't quite match up to the colours shown in the Lime Crime images. Airborne Unicorn is darker and more purple in real life, and Glamour 101 is more of a browny red than I expected. Also in the pictures the lipsticks look quite glossy, which they aren't as much when I wore them. I'm still happy with the colours, but expected Glamour 101 to be my favourite out of the two, but so far I've worn Airborne Unicorn more. 

The lipsticks are very pigmented and opaque, feeling smooth and creamy, and smelly amazing like candy! They are softer and more delicate than all my other lipsticks, I'm careful not to damage them. They need to be reapplied as they don't last as long as some lipsticks I've tried, I do find Glamour 101 lasts a bit longer. Also I found the lipsticks to be quite drying on the lips, so be sure to moisturise them before.

Velvetines - This liquid lipstick glides on wet, then dries to a beautiful matt finish. This is my favourite of all the three! It's colour looks accurate to the pictures by Lime Crime too. It stays on really well, but I found after wearing it all day it had bled out of the lines of my lips and feathed, but this was due to me not wearing lip liner. I've been told by someone they don't get that problem as they use a liner :) Looks like I need to purchase one soon as I don't own any!

This is a waterproof lipstick and I found it hard to remove when washing my face at night as usual ^_^ I did have to re apply after eating as some did come off. Also as I suggested in my May Haul video, be careful when putting the applicator back into the tube, as the first time I did it, some of the lipstick shot out onto my clothes!

I love their packaging, they are so cute, and they smell amazing! If you didn't want to spend £11.50 on the lipsticks then I have read a few people saying good dupes which I'm sure you could find if you looked it up on google.

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Good Vibes

Top / c/o Iamvibes
Necklace & Leggings / Topshop
Cuff / c/o Phixclothing
Shoes / Zara

I decided to dress up this crop top a bit with these amazing statement aztec leggings from Topshop and classic minimalist sandals from Zara. I'm still a massive fan of the monochrome trend, I love how the gold jewellery and embroidery on the croptop make the outfit pop.

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May Haul!

A collective haul of items I have got through May, this is my largest haul yet! This is my favourite haul, lots of colour!

Video/Blog links mentioned in video:
May Lookbook
River Island tube pants review
Jeffrey Campbell Cat Tapestry Lita review
Baia Bag review, 25% discount code for mini is "Leanne" (code valid until 30th June 2013) 

What I'm wearing:
Top - Topshop
Lipstick - Chanel "Romantic"
Necklace - Vivienne Westwood
Ring - Vintage
Bracelet - c/o Honey Rose&Amber

Items Featured that I could link to:

Pastel Rainbow Shorts / c/o LonelyClothingCo. 
Penelope Overside Head Crown / c/o RocknRose 
Chi-Chi Heart Playsuit / c/o Lashes of London
Tube Pants / River Island
Jewellery / c/o ShopDixi (Get free UK delivery for orders over £15 with code "LEANNELW" at the checkout, code expires 30th June 2013)
Skirt & Top / American Apparel
Top & jumper / c/o YDWYA
Jeffrey Campbells / c/o Phixclothing
Lime Crime Velvetines "Red Velvet" / Lovemakeup
Green dress & Maxi dress / Asos 
Bag / c/o Baia Bag
Tie Dye Tee / c/o Blood Red Moon
Leggings and tights / c/o Dear Lola
Zebra top / Topshop
Candles / c/o Kringle Candles 
Orange dress / c/o Glamorous
Body / c/o Glamorous
Croptop / c/o Glamorous
Paisley Shorts / c/o Motel Rocks
Unicorn jumper / Drop Dead
Mink Pink blazer / c/o
Crop top / c/o Boys don't learn
Levi Shorts / c/o Phixclothing

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Jacket, Vest & Belt / Topshop
Necklace / Vivienne Westwood
Bracelet / c/o Honey Rose&Amber
Rings / The Bohemian Collective & c/o ShopDixi
Shorts / c/o Motel Rocks
Shoes / H&M

I think this is my first outfit post without my extensions in! I'm finally getting happy with my hair length again, been growing out my pixie crop cut for the past year and a half!

Love these cute paisley shorts from Motel Rocks! I almost picked a dress in this print but I thought I would get more wear of these. I have so many pretty dresses which I haven't had the chance to wear! I thought I would rock it up a little with a leather jacket, a few people I have seen wear these opted for a more girly look, it's nice to be a little different ^_^

If you fancied anything from Motel Rocks, use my code "leannelimwalker" for 20% off! Also you still have a chance to enter my Facebook Giveaway! Winner is to be announced tomorrow! Enter >>here<<

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May Lookbook 2013

I've completed the requested video to do a lookbook of items I featured in my last month's haul, 11 outfits in total :) I've styled some with items which will be in my next video, the largest haul video yet! So you've had a little sneaky peak at a few things already!

Watch my last haul video and find links for those items featured here.

Don't forget to check out my new Facebook Page to enter my Motel Rocks Giveaway! Winner is being announced June 6th 2013 
Direct link to the rules and how to enter here

If you liked the look of my bag from Baia, use code "Leanne" (make sure you use a capital L) at the checkout for 25% off their mini bag. Code expires 30th June 2013. Read my review of my Baia mini bag here.

Read how I did the pink ombre on my hair extensions myself here.

Hope this doesn't feel too long to watch, I tried to make the outfits a reasonable length each, probably didn't help me rambling at the beginning ^_^ If you prefer looking at pictures, then scroll down :)

The Outfits!
Top & Skirt  / American Apparel
Tights / c/o Pamela Mann
Shoes / Boohoo

Top / c/o Iamvibes
Cuff / c/o Phixclothing
Necklace & Leggings / Topshop
Shoes / Zara

Dress & Bracelet / Topshop
Necklace / Primark
Shoes / Tilted Sole

Jacket / c/o Phixclothing
Necklace & Cami / Topshop
Shorts / H&M
Sandals & Bag / Primark
Rings / c/o Shop Dixi
Watch / Urban Outfitters

Top / c/o Iamvibes
Riding Pants / American Apparel

Floral Head Crown / c/o RockNRose
Dress / c/o Chi Chi Clothing
Heels / c/o SheLikes
Rings / c/o ShopDixi & The Bohemian Co.
Necklace & Bracelet / Vivienne Westwood

Shirt / eBay
Top & heels / Topshop
Skirt / American Apparel
Rings / c/o ShopDixi
Bag / c/o Baia Bags 

Leotard / c/o Iamvibes
Shorts /
Shoes / Dr Martens
Cardigan / Run&Fly
Necklaces / c/o ShopDixi, Empty Casket, Topshop
Bracelet / c/o Honey Rose&Amber
Rings  / c/o ShopDixi & The Bohemian Co.

Hat, Necklace & Socks/ Topshop
Top / I made this myself!
Shorts / The Village Bicycle 
Cardigan / H&M
Shoes /

Dress / c/o
Top, Jacket & Necklace / Topshop
Sunglasses / eBay
Shoes / c/o 

Hat / c/o Iamvibes
Top / Primark
Necklace & Shoes / H&M
Jeans / Topshop

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