Monochrome Mint

Mink Pink Blazer / c/o MeeMee
Top / Topshop
Leggings / c/o Dear Lola
Shoes / Zara
Jewellery / c/o Shop Dixi

You will recognise this outfit if you follow my on instagram, I posted this but with my Amercian Apparel Disco Pants instead. I loved that outfit so much, I adapted it for my "How I style Patterned Leggings" Video I recently uploaded onto my channel.

I love the monochrome look with a subtle summer feel tricking in with the mint ombre of the blazer. I'm so happy to finally own something by Mink Pink, I'm always lusting over their clothes and MeeMee have an amazing selection! Next to invest in a Kimono by them!

As we are getting closer to summer I've started collecting Rose Gold, now to get a tan to compliment it's warm tones *sigh*

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  1. Love the blazer! x

  2. Cute, loved the video

  3. Love the necklace & the leggings! May have to get some similar ones x

  4. Your figure is crazy. You look lovely x

  5. Lovely outfit! Especially the blazer and the necklace - so so pretty!x

    - Jayne

    Electra Violet

  6. Gah "mint ombre blazer" is the most wonderful thing I've ever heard. The blazer is actually stunning. I want!

    xo Ashley

  7. Hi Leanne! I did a blogpost today about my favourite youtubers and you're featured, hehe:)
    I just lovee your videos and your blog!
    Maybe you'd like to have a look on the blogpost, that would make me very happy haha :D
    But it's in german, so only if you like to..

    Hope you're having a great week <3

  8. omg, I saw your picture somewhere on the internet but I don't know where haha. But I have to say, your blazer is amazing! ♥_♥ and that necklace!

  9. simple but amazing outfit! especially love the necklace <3

  10. Love your heels
    S xx

  11. this outfit is sooo perfect i love it! especialy the mint green blazer really erally nice hunny you look fab.


  12. love the necklace! :)

  13. The necklace is lovely. I love the Mink Pink blazer as well. :) /Madison


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