The Bohemian Collective

I was first introduced to The Bohemian Collective after attending an Ax Paris Blogger event earlier this year, which you can read about here. In the amazing goodie bag from the night was the Sterling Silver Wish Bone Knuckle Ring! I instantly fell in love with it, as I'd seen knuckle rings on the internet, but never came across one to buy. Usually if I can, I prefer to try on rings as my fingers are really small, meaning most small sizes in places like Topshop are just too big! So I was greatly surprised that it did fit me!

I recently won their monthly instagram competition, a £20 voucher! (I never win anything, I was so happy!) All you have to do is hashtag #thebohemiancollective on a picture of your Bohemian Collective jewellery on instagram or twitter to be entered. I ordered the beautiful Sterling Silver Oval Turquoise Ring, and that weekend they also had an offer, each order received a free knuckle ring! Was a lovely surprise to receive the Rose Gold Wish Bone Knuckle Ring, I'm slowly building a collection of rose gold <3

What I love about The Bohemian Collective especially, is their beautiful range of sterling silver, solid gold and solid rose gold jewellery. They aren't plated so you don't have to worry about your fingers eventually going green or the hassle of applying clear nail varnish to the band to prevent that happening. 
Also following them via instagram I can see that many items are handmade in their workshop, where they are always coming up with new designs. I'm always one to support companies from the UK, especially when things are handmade for their customers. It's nice to spend that bit more to get a unique non mass produced item which will last you <3

If you would like some beautiful items for yourself, use code "thanksleanne" for 20% off all orders until 6th July!

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  1. Yay I love them!

    So pretty xxx

  2. Love the above kunckle rings :)

  3. I like that they show how they make them, kudos to them :)

  4. I love knuckle rings. :)

  5. Love the knuckle rings
    S xx


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