Staring at the sun

 Jacket, Necklace & Top / Topshop
Dungaree Dress / c/o Karma Clothing
Jeffrey Campbells / c/o Loveclothing
Sunglasses / Ebay

You would recognise this outfit from my May Lookbook if you follow me on Youtube. Thought this was a good time to post it due to the shift in the weather, making it jacket worthy incase of a shower! Although hearing the weather is soon going to clear up and it will be sunny again! Phew I was worried we'd had our summer!

I wanted to rock up the dungaree dress a little so added a classic leather jacket and my Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Spikes! I like how versatile the dress is, with the right items you can look super girly, or chic and edgy. Next on my list is to get my hands on some cut out chunky boots! Going to London tomorrow so on the hunt for the New Look ones <3

What are you current must haves?

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How I style Joni Jeans

Here are 7 looks I put together to style my Joni Jeans, changing it up with different shoes and jewellery for each outfit. I wanted a variety so I've used crop tops, jumpers, boob tubes, shirts, leotards and a vest.

Watch my Easy Jeans Vs. Joni & Tube Pants Review here
Watch Jack do my makeup here

What I wore in the intro:
Shirt - Zara
Lipstick - Mac "Russian Red"
Nail Varnish - Essie "Ballet Slippers"

Music - Broke For Free - "As Colourful As Ever"

The Outfits!
Kimono & Crop top / Topshop
Shoes / Primark
Jewellery / c/o The Bohemian Collective & Shop Dixi 

Vest / Topshop
Shoes / Vans
Rings / Regal Rose & c/o Shop Dixi
Necklace / Urban Outfitters

Jacket / Topshop
Crop top / American Apparel
Shoes / Loveclothing
Necklace / Vivienne Westwood
Ring / The Bohemian Collective

Jumper / Topshop
Flip flops - A gift
Jewellery / Regal Rose

Cardigan / Charity Shop
Boob Tube / H&M
Heel / Zara
Rings / c/o Shop Dixi
Necklace / My 21st birthday present :D

Shirt / Zara
Sandals / New Look
Ring / A Gift

Leotard & Blazer / Topshop
Shoes / Nelly
Necklace / Regal Rose
Bracelet / Vivienne Westwood

I've tailored these outfits to flatter my body shape, I'm short with a long torso and little legs. Tops which finish at the waist with high waisted items suit my shape and make me look more in proportions. Please take these as inspiration and tailor them to what you feel comfortable in :)

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Current Nail Varnish Of Choice - Essie

Left nail: Ballet slippers (4 to 5 coats) Right nail: Ballet slippers (4 to 5 coats) + Matte Topcoat

A bit of a different post for me! I literally just applied one coat of my new Mattifying top coat I purchased recently, and loved the look of it so much I grabbed my camera and took these pictures. The finish effect is so incredibly even and silky smooth to touch, the product works so fast you can see it drying to a matte finish. After I finish writing this up I'm definitely going to apply this on all my nails and admire how pretty they look.

I've opted for a lighter almost white toned nail varnish recently to help compliment my current tan. This is Essie's "Ballet Slippers" shade, I love how minimal it looks and also it goes with all my outfits! To me it now feels more complete with the added matte finish, it gives an extra minimalist feel.

At first when I started using the "Ballet Slippers" shade, I was a little surprised at how watery it was. I'm use to using Barry M which you can often get away with using just one coat and you are good to go. To get a similar look I had to apply 4 - 5 coats. I guess it's good to have the option to build up the colour, but personally I wouldn't wear it with just one coat, to me it makes the nails look odd. Although 4 or so coats sounds rather excessive, each coat dries super quick. Once you've painted your nails, the first hand you did is dry and ready for another coat. I've used it twice now to paint all my nails, so around a total of 10 coats and I've gone through a lot if you look at the picture of the bottle above. 

I was highly impressed at how long the nail varnish lasts, I had this on for a week with barely any chipping at all! With Barry M I find after a couple of days it chips so always have to use a top coat for those, even more so with Topshop nail polishes! In the end I had to re-do them as my nails grow so fast it looked a bit odd the colour started higher up ^_^

I've also purchased "Tart Deco" which is the same colour of my American Apparel "Pink Cheeks" Riding Pants :)

Have you used Essie before? What are your favourite shades?

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Colourful Wednesday

Dress / c/o Glamorous
Heels / Boohoo
Rings / Regal Rose & The Bohemian Collective
Lipstick / Mac Russian Red
Nail Varnish / Essie "Ballet Slippers"

I feel I should have done my hair in plaits so I would be the polar opposite of Wednesday Addams, but in a sleeveless number of course as it's sweltering still in the UK! The title works as I took these on Wednesday.. but uploading this on Thursday kind of spoils the effect.. ops!

I adore the colour of this dress, as I said in my May Haul video, I needed more day dresses and this is perfect! So simple and a colourful take on a classic. The mesh collar detailing is so pretty and adds a nice contrast.

Got a little carried away when taking these pictures, look at me being more of a poser than usual! Whilst taking these near where I live, an old woman came over trying to tell me off for taking pictures as she lived near the wall... dear oh dear! So here's me rebelling and posing away ^_^

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Vlog #2! Gorillas, hair update & parcels

My second vlog filmed over Sun 14th - Thurs 18th July

Want to win a two piece for yourself? Give away ends July 30th at midnight (GMT) Enter here - & see my outfit post of mine here 

Go to "9:35" for hair update, BlondMe hair items have links to where I bought them in my June Haul video

Excuse my skin, my sun cream is making me break out :( and later into the gorilla trail my camera ran out and I filmed with an iphone, hence the reduced quality ^_^

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Regal Rose

Regal Rose are a jewellery company I have been buying from since stumbling across their site back in January whilst at work searching for brands and bloggers. I instantly fell in love with their then gothic inspired jewels and bought  bird skull collar tips for a friend and the quarts necklace shown above with the garnet stone set in the top.

They are definitely one of my favourite jewellery brands, they have so many pieces I have fallen in love with! The silver wrap leaf ring is definitely going to be in my next youtube monthly favourites video! It works just so well with my current tan and favourite nail varnish, Essie "Ballet Slippers".

I'm heavily into sterling silver jewellery at the moment, due to the heat I find non silver jewellery makes my skin go green, and that's just nasty!

Of course I got some knuckle rings! As most rings can only really fit one of my fingers, knuckle rings give me the opportunity to jewel up! I do wish however this certain set came in different sizes as they feel a little big for me, they have flown off several times! Online it says they are an XS or UK letter size "L", which I don't agree with as my ring size is an L and they don't fit where a normal ring would. Knowing this I got a size small in the leaf wrap ring so it would sit like a normal ring :) 

I do like how with a lot of their rings you can choose the sizing, whether you want it as a knuckle ring, normal or thumb ring.

If you watched my June Haul video you would recognise the knuckle rings and the lace ombre crown, here's a picture of the crown on.

Which are your favourite pieces?

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Two Piece + GIVEAWAY

Two Piece / Laura Ralph
Shoes / Primark
Turquoise and Knuckle Ring / The Bohemian Co.
Shell Leaf Wrap Ring / Regal Rose

I've been wanting a two piece for so long now! When I saw Laura (who also handmade the silk crop top I got from The Little Deer) made them, I had to get myself one! She's made so many from such beautiful fabrics, if you see one you like, you need to get in there quick to avoid disappointment, they sell out fast!

Here's how I wore my crop top over the weekend.

To win the two piece pictured below, enter using the widget also below. Two piece fits size UK 6-10.
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