Kringle Candles Review

 I was contacted by Greg from Kringle Candles, asking if I wanted to review a collection of their fragranced candles. I LOVE candles, the whole calming atmosphere they create, sometimes I put on my fairy lights, but it's nice to change it up a bit so I jumped at the chance! They are produced by the original founder of the Yankee Candle Company, so you know the quality is there!

I've only ever tried really cheap fragranced candles, as I personally could never understand how people spent so much money on them. But as mine were cheap I was never really blown away by fragranced ones, as I hardly noticed the scent. These candles have COMPLETELY changed my mind! Their scents totally smell like what they're labeled as! Spending a bit more makes such a difference, I can actually smell them when they are burning! Now I'm not saying these are expensive! I've definitely heard of people paying more!

Daylight: £2.50
Burner: £4.99 (different styles and prices available)

Large Classic Apothecary Jar - Watercolours
I have always wanted a candle like this, they look so precious and beautiful in the glass jar. This stands at 17cm tall and burns for up to 130 hours! I'm hoping when I eventually burn through all the candle I can use the jar afterwards to store pretty things in! The Watercolours smell is so pretty and fresh, I was pleasantly surprised by it, I was worried it might be another granny smell! It's in my top free from Kringle so far!

Medium Classic Apothecary Jar - Royal Cherries
This stands at 11.5cm and burns for up to 70 hours. I love cherries so was thrilled when I saw this one! It smells quite strong when you take off the lid and take a whiff, but when you burn it (which I'm doing currently whilst writing this post) it perfect! Not too strong at all and not too weak you don't notice it. I did find with water colours I didn't smell it so much when I was sat in the room with it, more so when I left and came back in.

Breakable Wax Potpourri Melts
Such a great idea that you can break these up! So you can buy several, try a bit, then try out another quicker! Currently living in my burner is mango, which smells AMAZING! If I could eat this I would, but I don't think it's for human consumption ^_^ Again not too strong, and travels round the house nicely.
Splash smells like mens deodorant to me, so probably is more appealing to males, and warm cotton smells of fresh clean laundry :)

These burn for 12 hours and as shown in my picture above are larger than tea candles. So far I have tried cosy cabin and wolf's bane. Cosy cabin smell likes cosy, aha obviously, with hints of maple which I thought was honey. It's soothing and yummy! Wolf's bane if from their halloween collection and smells like a woody floral almost incense smell.

Now I'm pretty fussy with fragranced candles, a lot I've tried smelling before by other companies just smell like old ladies, over powering old rose flower smells and end up giving me a headache! These on the other hand are gorgeous, some more subtle than others, some more to my taste than others too. Personally my two least favourite smells ever to exist in the whole world are "freshly cut grass" and the smell of rain, saying this I have not tried these out in candle form, but I think I will avoid them in case ^_^ If you love those smells then you will love them in scent form, it's totally crazy how realistic they are! Captured perfectly!

The packaging of these all are amazing, so classic and well thought out. Also when my parcel arrived it was packed up so so well, to make sure they all arrived safely :)

Would I recommend?
YES! If you are fussy like me I would recommend either buying the daylights first, as they are so well priced and you are getting a lot of candle burning time for your money, or purchase their tester cards to smell them before hand :) I will definitely be purchasing more from Kringle when I have used up my favourite ones, I cannot wait to try out more! I'm not being paid to say any of these things, I was given these to try and to give my honest review!

If you fancied purchasing any Kringle Candles yourself, they currently have an offer on until midnight tonight to save 20% off!

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  2. I love candles too and these look amazing!
    The photos you took of them are gorgeous too.

    Hannah x


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