Bohemian Like You

Hat / Topshop
Belt & longest necklace / Topshop
Crystal & Skull necklace / Empty Casket
Ring on Chain / c/o Shop Dixi
Rings / H&M, c/o The Bohemian Co, c/o Shop Dixi
Crochet Knit Dress / Charity Shop
Dress underneath / H&M
Shoes / c/o

This outfit was inspired by Sara from Waiste, she always has the most amazing crochet knit dresses layered up with effortless style! I found this amazing dress in a charity shop today, and thought of Sara straight away! She's inspired me to hunt through my local charity shops and I'm so glad I managed to find this for £3.50! I crochet myself and if I tried doing this, it would take me WEEKS, months even. So £3.50 was an absolute steal for the amount of work put into this! ^_^

I got out of my garden yey! What do you think to the change in background? I took a little wonder around where I live, and thankfully there were no awkward moments where someone walks past! Look I even smiled in a picture! :O

A ring I got from Shop Dixi, which I love! But is too big for my little fingers, I decided to put on a chain so I could wear it as a necklace. A little suggestion from one of my Youtube followers, how clever!

My Dad freaked out at the height of my shoes, but seriously they are SO easy to walk in :D

I also have a tan but you cannot really notice in these pictures ^_^ Bring on the weekend so I can top it up!

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  1. you're just amazing !
    i'm in love with your style,
    i'm jealous of your body and
    your face - just an inspiration♥

  2. You look gorgeous
    And this crochet dress is an absolute steal!!
    Really gonna start popping into the charity shops around me
    S xx

  3. This is a great look and a clever idea for dressing in the summer. I love your hair.

    I'd probably die if I wore your shoes but they look effortless on you.


  4. This dress is incredible! What a find, very jealous! X

  5. You look AMAZING. This dress is perfect, whattt a find! Beautiful girl!

  6. What a gorgeous outfit!

  7. Love this outfit and all it's boho styles, can definitely see the reference to Waiste!



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