Our love with instant film

What makes instant photos so special might you ask? Well there's many reasons I believe. Film being quite pricey and the limitation of 10 pictures per cartridge, makes photos valuable and deserve more consideration. Capturing a moment you cannot replicate, nor duplicate as there's no negative hard copy. You cannot alter the image so you'll take more time to get it right first time, no longer taking the humble photo for granted. Not to mention the excitement watching it come out, slowly developing before your very eyes, it's simply priceless. What sets instant film apart from normal counterpart is that it opens up accessibility to the general public, no skills are required to develop the pictures themselves, no need to wait to visit a store to develop a roll of film. Control and instant gratification is in their very hands.

Wedding Dress Shopping

You all may or may not know, but back in November Paul proposed to me whilst we were on holiday in Thailand. Since then.. well actually that's a lie, I already had started my private Pinterest board and Instagram collection of wedding inspiration earlier that year. From this I have quite a clear idea of many aspects of the big day, the style of dress, my flowers, table settings etc. I'm not actually one of those girls who grew up dreaming of their perfect dress and day, I'd never actually given it a thought until I met Paul. Perhaps that's due to not attending many weddings growing up, although I was a bridesmaid once at the age of 7 for my cousin. Over time I've been to a few wedding receptions and after speaking to a friends who are getting married or already have, I realise why. Weddings, especially food are expensive! Only have your nearest and dearest at the wedding and then everyone else can join you to party in the evening.

Okay, to the main point of why you're all here. Let's look at some beautiful wedding dresses!

We're Engaged!

I'm sure you all have already heard the news... Paul and I are engaged! Although it's been a few weeks already, it's still not quite sunken in and feels surreal to say the least. Realising I've never brought Paul onto my blog before, this is the perfect opportunity to share more about our relationship, how it all began an of course the proposal!

All Women are REAL Women

With the rise of social media over the past half a decade or so, the normal everyday girl is now a role model to those younger, their age and older. Having an audiences brings responsibility, although it may never have been the case that the individual wanted to be a role model, it inevitably will happen.

Lingerie, Empowerment and Body Confidence

As most of you should know by now I'm a massive lover of lingerie, often sharing my favourite sets and brands with you all as I find lingerie so empowering. A woman in lingerie doesn't equal being sexual nor is it's sole purpose to be for another's pleasure. It's a functioning item we wear daily and we deserve for it to be something we love to wear. I adore it as much as clothes and makeup, even though it's not necessarily seen, it's about feeling comfortable and confident about yourself. It really can completely change your attitude and self confidence knowing you have a beautiful matching set on underneath your clothes.
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