Minimalist Strap Sandals

After being in love with super high boots with platforms and big sold heels, I've turned a little softer and more sophisticated perhaps this spring/summer, with a new shoe crush!
It all started with my brother's girlfriend's strap sandals she got from Zara last season. They were similar to the right ones show above which are also from Zara. I loved the look of them instantly and had to get some for myself!

First I got the right pair from Zara, these are called the "Basic Sandal" and were £39.99, they were my favourite over all the others in store as I loved the monochrome two tone. The others I was not so keen on due to gold heels or a very thin strap at the front of the foot. These were just perfect, simple and would go with more I thought.

I'm usually a UK 3 in heels, but they only had a 4 in store, they fit the length of my foot well, but as my feet are quite thin there's a bit of room in the foot strap. I solved this whoever with silicon gel cushions from Primark which were only £1! I tried on a 3 in another style whilst in Zara to check for size, but I felt they crushed my toes a little, I'm more of a 3.5 really *sigh*

The left pair are from SheLikes, these are the 
"Frida Nude & Cream Minimalist Ankle Strap Sandals" and were only £25! They also have the same ones also in blue two tone, pink two tone and also in plain black. I got these in a UK 3 and they fit perfectly! I loved these and also the plain black ones, I'm glad I got these over the black ones otherwise they would have been so so similar to my Zara ones.

As you can see in these pictures the heel of the Zara ones are higher, they have a heel of 11cm whilst the SheLikes ones are 9cm (although online they say 10, I measured and mine are 9)
This slight heel height difference makes the SheLikes ones easier to walk in I find. I'm more likely to wear these in town around the day, the Zara ones I think are more for nights out to bars. I can definitely see a difference in how long I could wear each shoe for!

Also the ankle strap is adjustable on the SheLikes ones which on my small ankles give me much more support. Whilst wearing them, they just feel a lot more secure. My only criticism of the Zara ones are their lack of adjustable strap! They just have a loop which goes around your ankle and a zip up the back to get them on and off.

I would definitely recommend both! 
The Zara ones I feel are more for nights out, meals, evening wear (mainly as I couldn't walk too long in these). They would last longer as they are made of leather, but if you were looking for a cheaper alternative which are easier to walk in and look similar in style I would say get the SheLikes ones <3

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Topshop Lust list

I am a massive fan of Topshop, the only thing I've ever had an issue with (apart from the occasional sizing problem) was they only shot on mannequins! In my feedback I always moaned about this, and maybe enough of us did? As finally I noticed they are using models. And my gosh does it make me want even more clothes! I love how they have styled (most outfits..) and it makes me want to also buy the other things they have styled with. I find myself re-looking at clothes I may have dismissed whilst browsing in store!

The top outfit! Those dungarees! I just had to start with it! The styling is amazing, I love how effortless and cute it is! I am now wanting this the most out of all the other items and I would love it with my recent Dr Martens my boyfriend surprised me with! Usually when I've seen dungarees they are styled with a t-shirt or some sort of crop, but I love this sleeveless shirt with it, having the shoulders exposed makes it look more sexy if that makes sense? Another thing I really want at the moment is a shoulder-less dress or crop top with three quarter length sleeves <3

More dungarees! So I did mention before I didn't think I would jump on the whole bandwagon of dungarees and when I saw these in store I wasn't sure about them, but I do adore the styling again! I love the simple layering, the contrasting patterns, textures and tones <3

I did almost purchase the leggings on the right! But I went for aztec ones instead, which had the same velvet black finish. I have found a repeating theme in some of my recent outfits, I love simple tops, then adding something bold on the bottom, both of these are amazing!

I adore shirts, I think these, after shoes, are the most frequent garment in my ever expanding wardrobe! The left has such a pretty cut out, setting it apart from any simple plain shirt! The right is adorable, I have such a soft spot for blues and white at the moment, although I haven't bought many things following this, but there's many I would love!

I think I only own two red things in my wardrobe, both are dresses, and this I would kindly love to add also! I'm not too sure how flattering it would be on my body shape, I have broad shoulders and I think this could emphasis this, and also I don't have much of a bust so the V neckline would be going to waste a little! It would look so lovely rocked up with a leather jacket on top. I think the right dress would be more suitable for my shape, I also love the fabric, I saw this on the rail in store in the last chance section, not many sizes are left unfortunately!  

Every girl needs a little black dress, and I love how simple this one is. Can be dressed up or down and is only £12, although not many sizes are left!
I do love joni jeans, and I love the colour of these! I saw a girl wearing a pair in town and it made me want them so much myself!

I would have never looked twice at the white skirt if I saw this in store, but I love how they have styled it! I now browse through and roll over every image to see it on a model and it definitely makes me view more items! I am always a fan of show the items sleeves that is under the jacket! Jacket on the right I would probably turn my nose up if I saw this in store (now in sale for £25!) but I love how it rocks up the dress it's over. I feel really inspired after spending time going through rolling my mouse over all images in every category ^_^

 Now to finish with this coat. I have been lusting over the one sold in Zara around christmas, and also one that was in River Island, this ia amazing, buuuuut I would remove that belt... but then again I wouldn't pay £175 for this *sigh*.

So I was so impressed with my new discovery, which I'm sure has probably been on Topshop for a while, but I've only just noticed this featured and it got me all excited and I have to do a post! Hope you enjoyed this <3

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How to make a head chain - DIY!

 photo photo.png

So I got a little crafty, as I like to now and again, and I decided to make my very own head chain! I kept seeing them everywhere and I wasn't really sure if I loved them enough to part with my money for one. Instead I decided to raid my  jewellery box and turn some things I never wear into something completely different! Using a necklace and an earring I created my very own head chain :)

Watch my video tutorial is you are interested in seeing how I did it! Let me see your results on instagram if you have it! Don't forget to @leannelimwalker in your pics :D

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Ax Paris Circus Blogger Event

After going to the Motel Rocks press day blogger event, which you can read about here, myself, Amy and Hannah ventured over to the next event that was for Ax Paris. We were excited to see what was in store for us as we knew it was circus themed!
Here's us as we arrived, posing in front of their lovely collection of beautiful dresses, perfect for any and every occasion!

This event was to celebrate the launch of their first ever TV advert which you can view here if you haven't seen it already!

The performances were so amazing to watch! We arrived a little after the first one, but we weren't to be disappointed, as there was still more performances to watch! There were dancers, fire breathing, body burning, arial acrobatics on hoop and a silk sling. These were all so mesmerising to watch as I had not quite seen anything like this before. I can say I have never seen ANYONE spin so fast in my life before, as the guy who did hoop and the silk sling! After his spinning he casually walks off stage! Man's got a strong stomach!

Unfortunately I didn't get the best shots of the performances! Annoying as by trade I am a photographer! But I don't want to carry around my rather heavy and pricy camera so I'm left to borrow my mum's compact camera. I think it's time I need to invest in a better compact for myself!

As we mooched around we were offered lots of yummy cocktails and canap├ęs, I was so so impressed with the food and service at Circus

What I learnt from my first event a couple of weeks before this, was I should approach people I want to talk too, and not get too shy! I sometimes go really quite in social events and people misread this as me being stuck up, but that's really not the case! So when I spotted Rhiannon who I follow on Youtube, I went straight over and said hi! She was so lovely and easy to talk to :)

 I LOVE a photobooth! So when I saw there was one, we headed straight over and got some funny shots together, bah my big head taking up all the pics ^_^

 Also bumped into an old friend, pictured here in the middle, Emma, was so lovely to see her again! This event was a lot of fun, I got to meet so so many lovely girls and the atmosphere was fantastic! I unfortunately had to leave a little early as it's a 2 hour train journey back home for me!

 What can I say to that goodie bag! I felt so spoilt getting all these things! The food vanished the very next morning, so yummy!

So far I've been using the Etat Pur cleansing water which is designed to remove your makeup, and it's safe to use around the eye area! It feels so kind to the skin, I love it!

Also I'm seriously in LOVE with the knuckle ring by The Bohemian Collective, I've wanted one for ages, and this is so pretty! I featured it in this Outfit Post.

So a massive thank you to Ax Paris and Etail PR for organising such a fun event and to all the other brands which were part of the amazing goodie bag!

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March Favourites

Better late than never! These are my favourites from last month, featuring clothes, makeup, music and apps :)

What were your favourites from last month? Any of these your favourites too?

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Monochrome Stripes

Jacket, Top, Eye ring / Topshop
Jordan Jeans / Motel Rocks
Jeffrey Campbell Litas and Satchel /
Necklace / Regal Rose
Bracelet / Vivienne Westwood
Kuckle Ring / c/o The Bohemian Collective

This is the outfit I wore on Wednesday for the Motel Rocks and Ax Paris blogger events in London. You can read my post about Motel Rocks here! I shall be posting about Ax Paris soon!

If you like these Motel Jordan jeans, or anything else by Motel, why not take advantage of 20% off with code "leannelimwalker" at the check out <3

Seems I love a monochrome look with a pop of burgundy, I did the same in this outfit post!

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Motel Rocks Press Day Blogger After Party!

On Wednesday I travelled down to London for the Motel Rocks blogger party!
These were my travel essentials, forever being unorganised and having to paint my nails on the train! Those cards are my photography business cards, (there's a different picture on each one, got to collect them all ^_^) I decided to pen my blog url on them, which was handy so I could tell people about this blog :)

Met up again with my new blogger friend Amy Valentine who I went to the Missguided blogger event with a couple of weeks ago, which you can read about here. We also met up with Hannah who guided us to the Motel showroom with a little help of good old google maps again ^_^

Upon arriving we were greeted with lots of sweets and sushi and offered slush puppies, I being greedy of course asked for a slush puppy with a mix of both flavours!

I absolutely loved the 90's theme of the event! Part of the showroom was transformed into a bedroom from that era, complete with inflatable chairs, lava lamps, polly pockets, boy bands and girl group posters on the walls, and of course there was Friends playing on a tv! They really went all out! There was also a board game called "Dream Phone", is it just me though who's never heard of that?! Perhaps it is because I was born just in the 80's??
I NEED the black and white vertical stripe crop top, I swear crop tops are all I'm going to wear this summer! I have been wearing a lot of monochrome since last autumn, I think it's something I can easily continue through this year.

There was a mix of current collections, a preview of things to come soon and also a sneak peak for their A/W. It was exciting to get to see it now, as later this year I shall be photographing some of the items for work, for those of you who don't know, I'm the photographer for :)

The collections showcased different themes, monochrome prints, luxurious and embellished party dresses, rich plum and turquoise swirling paisley prints, and not forgetting tie dye, clashing prints, religious symbols and of course a a dress with a pegasus on! <3

Loved their new collection of swim wear, really pretty bikinis and swim suits, you could easily wear the bodies much like black milk clothing ones in the day with shorts or a skirt, jeans etc!

I also loved their denim dungarees, I haven't jumped on this bandwagon yet as I'm worried I will look about 12 in them, but theirs are so lovely and SIMPLE! I hate it when people shove pockets and things on the front of an item and ruin it!

Around the showroom there were different things you could try, including temporary spray in hair colour by Colour Xtreme, glitter and temporary tattoos by Skin Art, and some beautiful henna by a lovely lady callled Madina
I went for getting some henna, which I absolutely love! I haven't had henna done since I was 7, so I was excited to finally get to do it again!

I was snapped by Selina mid process for Motel Rocks Instagram! I am such an instagram addict, so this got me very excited!

Here's another instagram image from Motel Rocks of myself and Lucia, I loved her whole outfit, her hair and head chain looked amazing! I look a bit odd here though!

This was my amazing goodie bag from the event, I cannot wait to try out these products, I've especially wanted to try the Palmers coco butter for awhile now!

A massive thank you to Selina and the rest of the team for organising such a fantastic event! 

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