How to make a head chain - DIY!

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So I got a little crafty, as I like to now and again, and I decided to make my very own head chain! I kept seeing them everywhere and I wasn't really sure if I loved them enough to part with my money for one. Instead I decided to raid my  jewellery box and turn some things I never wear into something completely different! Using a necklace and an earring I created my very own head chain :)

Watch my video tutorial is you are interested in seeing how I did it! Let me see your results on instagram if you have it! Don't forget to @leannelimwalker in your pics :D

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  1. Love this so so helpful!
    S xx

  2. I love head chains! I've never bought any cause I don't know how much I would wear it (even if I would look good with them)


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