Ax Paris Circus Blogger Event

After going to the Motel Rocks press day blogger event, which you can read about here, myself, Amy and Hannah ventured over to the next event that was for Ax Paris. We were excited to see what was in store for us as we knew it was circus themed!
Here's us as we arrived, posing in front of their lovely collection of beautiful dresses, perfect for any and every occasion!

This event was to celebrate the launch of their first ever TV advert which you can view here if you haven't seen it already!

The performances were so amazing to watch! We arrived a little after the first one, but we weren't to be disappointed, as there was still more performances to watch! There were dancers, fire breathing, body burning, arial acrobatics on hoop and a silk sling. These were all so mesmerising to watch as I had not quite seen anything like this before. I can say I have never seen ANYONE spin so fast in my life before, as the guy who did hoop and the silk sling! After his spinning he casually walks off stage! Man's got a strong stomach!

Unfortunately I didn't get the best shots of the performances! Annoying as by trade I am a photographer! But I don't want to carry around my rather heavy and pricy camera so I'm left to borrow my mum's compact camera. I think it's time I need to invest in a better compact for myself!

As we mooched around we were offered lots of yummy cocktails and canap├ęs, I was so so impressed with the food and service at Circus

What I learnt from my first event a couple of weeks before this, was I should approach people I want to talk too, and not get too shy! I sometimes go really quite in social events and people misread this as me being stuck up, but that's really not the case! So when I spotted Rhiannon who I follow on Youtube, I went straight over and said hi! She was so lovely and easy to talk to :)

 I LOVE a photobooth! So when I saw there was one, we headed straight over and got some funny shots together, bah my big head taking up all the pics ^_^

 Also bumped into an old friend, pictured here in the middle, Emma, was so lovely to see her again! This event was a lot of fun, I got to meet so so many lovely girls and the atmosphere was fantastic! I unfortunately had to leave a little early as it's a 2 hour train journey back home for me!

 What can I say to that goodie bag! I felt so spoilt getting all these things! The food vanished the very next morning, so yummy!

So far I've been using the Etat Pur cleansing water which is designed to remove your makeup, and it's safe to use around the eye area! It feels so kind to the skin, I love it!

Also I'm seriously in LOVE with the knuckle ring by The Bohemian Collective, I've wanted one for ages, and this is so pretty! I featured it in this Outfit Post.

So a massive thank you to Ax Paris and Etail PR for organising such a fun event and to all the other brands which were part of the amazing goodie bag!

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  1. It looks like you had an amazing time! Love your photo booth photo


  2. This event looked amazing I noticed it on other blogs too and love the whole circus theme :) x
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  3. looks like an amazing event, and adore the ring it's so beautiuful
    xx ish


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