Missguided High Summer Holiday Preview - BLOGGER PARTY

I got to attend Missguided's High Summer Holiday blogger after party in London, which was held in the most amazing mansion! The King's Speech and several music videos were filmed there! It had grand high ceilings, antique furniture and distressed walls, I would LOVE to get to do a photo shoot there one day *sigh*.

This was my first ever blogger event so I wasn't sure what to expect! I arranged to meet with Amy Valentine and Joanne before hand so I had people to go with, thank god for google maps to get us there!

There were three very large rooms, the first one we entered showcased their new clothes and accessories. These were arranged into different collections; Sports Luxe, Monochrome, Bohemian that was kind of festivally, tasselled, sheer, ombre and then Neon.

 Loved these two crop tops so much! I swear all I want to wear at the moment are crop tops! Weather needs to get warmer quick!

 Items from the Bohemian section I tried describing above ^_^

Loving the cut out detailing on this skirt!

I haven't shopped at Missguided for a couple of years, but now I definitely intend to soon! These items really feel on trend and are things I could see myself wearing!

As we browsed the collections were was presented with mini food, how awesome are these! I also tried a mini alcoholic peanut drink, it was like having a liquid snickers with a kick, very nice indeed! 
Above photo by: Georgina
Group shot! Amy photo bombing like a pro ^_^

With a Koppaberg in hand, we explored the next room, here there was a DJ who was playing all the hits from Britney to Destiny's Child, couldn't resist having a sing along!

In this room there was a customising station, I chose some denim shorts and got on with some studding! I chose the easier studs to use as I know from my job, studding is harder and more time consuming than it looks!
Above photo by: Georgina
Here's myself, Joanne, Amy and Georgina, our little blogger group that night :)

Above photo by: Lilly Melrose
In the last room there was a studio set up and a rail of clothes. Here we were set the challenge to style a model in what ever we wanted from the rail. I chose a black faux leather jacket, a burgundy cropped sleeveless turtle neck, metallic skater skirt, and some Jeffrey Campbell inspired boots.

The model was so adorable, and moved so well in front of the camera! I need to know who she is! Would love to shoot with her!

 My styled outfit <3

Above photo by: B P Relations
Before we left the girls from B Public Relations snapped a picture of us with our customised items :)

I had such a lovely time, I felt so lucky to be invited as I haven't been blogging for long! I also finally got to meet Sara who's Missguided's stylist, she's so so lovely! It's always nice finally getting to meet people in person whom I know from instagram, blogs, youtube etc :D

Here are my shorts I customised, studding the back and a couple around the front pockets. These are super short! These will be my beach shorts rather than ones for the day to day. I also received a goodie bag, inside were Nail Rock wraps and some St Moriz Tan.

A big thank you to Missguided and B Public Relations for holding such a lovely event!

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  1. it looked so fun! i was invited however i couldn't attend :(


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