We're Engaged!

I'm sure you all have already heard the news... Paul and I are engaged! Although it's been a few weeks already, it's still not quite sunken in and feels surreal to say the least. Realising I've never brought Paul onto my blog before, this is the perfect opportunity to share more about our relationship, how it all began an of course the proposal!

All Women are REAL Women

With the rise of social media over the past half a decade or so, the normal everyday girl is now a role model to those younger, their age and older. Having an audiences brings responsibility, although it may never have been the case that the individual wanted to be a role model, it inevitably will happen.

Lingerie, Empowerment and Body Confidence

As most of you should know by now I'm a massive lover of lingerie, often sharing my favourite sets and brands with you all as I find lingerie so empowering. A woman in lingerie doesn't equal being sexual nor is it's sole purpose to be for another's pleasure. It's a functioning item we wear daily and we deserve for it to be something we love to wear. I adore it as much as clothes and makeup, even though it's not necessarily seen, it's about feeling comfortable and confident about yourself. It really can completely change your attitude and self confidence knowing you have a beautiful matching set on underneath your clothes.

Floral and Frills | Asos Wishlist

I've not done some damage online or even in store for awhile, but then an occasion arrises, (I've had a lot of weddings recently!) and before you know it your basket is filled with more clothes than you could ever need.

I've purchased quite a few of these things the past couple of weeks, but then lots of other things I'm just leaving for this wish list so I don't cry at the amount I'd be spending in total.

Designer Bag Dupes

More and more people in the public eye are sporting expensive designer handbags, from celebrities to your favourite blogger. This hasn't gone unnoticed by high street brands who are supplying us with closely inspired designs at more affordable prices.

Wardrobe essentials for a city break

When going away I always plan ahead for what I'll wear each day. Making sure everything is tried on prior, checking it works as an outfit, so I'll feel confident and put together at all times. This will prevent from unnecessary overpacking (and leave space for shopping and souvenirs on your return home). With this time saved you'll have more time to explore and have fun!
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