Lingerie, Empowerment and Body Confidence

As most of you should know by now I'm a massive lover of lingerie, often sharing my favourite sets and brands with you all as I find lingerie so empowering. A woman in lingerie doesn't equal being sexual nor is it's sole purpose to be for another's pleasure. It's a functioning item we wear daily and we deserve for it to be something we love to wear. I adore it as much as clothes and makeup, even though it's not necessarily seen, it's about feeling comfortable and confident about yourself. It really can completely change your attitude and self confidence knowing you have a beautiful matching set on underneath your clothes.

It's working from your foundations up, things like drinking lots of water, treating yourself to good skincare, finding the right style of underwear you're comfortable in that you feel flatters your shape the best. Working on your inner confidence will really shine through in how you present yourself to the world.
Last winter I realised the real purpose of makeup, this sounds like a tangent but bear with me here. You shouldn't feel like you have to wear it to be a better version of yourself, it's about self-expression, personal choice, showing how you want to present yourself to the world. Once you realise this, makeup becomes fun and not a mask. Makeup is for us and it's empowering.

Like makeup, lingerie is for us and it's empowering. Even before I was in a relationship I'd always get myself new sets, I had no one to impress, I just liked wearing it as it made me feel good. It's self-love, making yourself happy.
Until more recently I'd found myself going for bras and pants which were rather saucy/risky. You know the types, black, lacy, not a lot there. Now those are great but to be honest they aren't something I go reaching for every day. More often than not it resulted in me wearing very plain and basic (often not matching) underwear sets. I questioned myself to why I loved underwear so much? Why am I only saving certain sets for certain occasions? Why not actually get beautiful sets to wear daily?!? Now there's nothing wrong in wearing nude, black etc plain bras on the daily, but I don't feel as fancy in those you know?

You just cannot beat that feeling when you find lingerie which not only fits, but fits perfectly, that supports, that flatters and most importantly looks bloody pretty! Support doesn't mean frumpy, it can be pretty, sexy and comfortable. That's how I want to feel every day!
I've not always been confident in my body, it's something I'm still learning, I'm sure this is something many can relate to. Perhaps it comes with age, finding your path in life or meeting someone who truly loves every part of you.

There's still things I don't like, well we are our own worst critics. But then there are things that I'm proud of. My "tiger stripes", the stretch marks on my hips which become more prevalent during summer. I know they aren't severe but I'm proud of them as they make me feel like a woman. Sure it sounds weird and they aren't something we always see online or in the media, although I'm not sure why as they are a very common thing.
I'm sharing these things today to help open up the conversation, lingerie should be more talked about (it's something we wear everyday after all!) Body confidence should be more talked about and celebrated too. No one should feel alone in how they feel about themselves, so many people will relate, everything about us is normal, not one body shape/size is better or worse than another. 

This message is something that resonates a lot with the lingerie brand Freya, this is why we have partnered up to share with you my favourites from their beautiful SS17 & AW17 ranges. First up from SS17 is this sweet yet incredibly flirty Retro Bloom set, the mixture of soft tone florals on the graphic black background contrasts perfectly alongside the peek-a-boo embroidered sheer lace panel. Hand on heart this plunge bra is the best fit I have ever worn! I love Freya lingerie as well as their swimwear as they cater for not only smaller band widths but also larger cup sizes. I often struggle a lot to find the PERFECT fit for my 30DD bust so oh my this makes me so happy! It fits so good around the rib cage that I feel I almost don't need the straps. The straps are comfortable, adjustable with the pattern running across which adds to the quality. The material is silky and smooth and very comfortable on the skin. Both bra and bottoms come in different styles catering for different support and coverage needs.
This beauty below is from their Freya Fancies range, another from SS17 which I had to get in this reef blue colour as it matches my hair! Again another perfect fit and by far my favourite style they do, it comes in a variety of colours to suit your every mood so before you know it you'll have the whole collection. Comprised of lace it feels so feminine and romantic, the front features a cute keyhole design in between the bust, the sweet bows are accented with tiny white polka dots and the matching scallop lace edging on both the bra and bottoms unite it all together.
The back of the bra features this cross strap style with the prettiest silver contrasting thread which runs across the straps too. The attention to these simple details really shows the quality in these pieces!

I opted for the Brazilian brief which is comfortable and cheeky, if you aren't a thong wearer and fancy something a little more flirty than normal briefs I highly recommend this style.
Coming for AW17 will be 2 more colours for the Freya Fancies range for you to add to your collection, here's a sneaky peek at one of my favourites in this stunning cobalt blue! I've always been drawn to this colour (I have so many dresses in cobalt) a beautiful rich, wearable shade that remains romantic, timeless and classy, I always feel it deserves to be worn with a red lip. It's amazing how colour can change how you feel towards a garment, I see the light blue set as more day wear and this cobalt colour as evening wear. This time round I went for the thong bottoms and I loved how they also featured the cute keyhole detail, if you did not fancy this style or the Brazilian they also do a brief version. The bras will come in 5 different styles, (below is the plunge bra) soft bralette, padded half cups, balcony k cup and longline.
Another new style coming to AW17 is Sweet Illusion, a beautiful fusion of graphic monotone textures entwined with soft flashes of colour from the floral design.
I hope this post inspires you to find lingerie which makes you feel empowered and body confident. Experiment with different cuts and styles to discover what you love and see the difference it makes <3
This post was kindly sponsored by Freya Lingerie.

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