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With the rise of social media over the past half a decade or so, the normal everyday girl is now a role model to those younger, their age and older. Having an audiences brings responsibility, although it may never have been the case that the individual wanted to be a role model, it inevitably will happen.

With platforms such as Instagram, often only highlights of our lives are shown. I have caught myself looking at someone's feed wishing I could travel as much or have achieved what they've done. It's so important to only follow what you find inspiring and have a great support network of friends and like-minded people to talk to. It's all about helping each other, lifting each other up when you're feeling a little lost - don't allow yourself to feel alone or in competition with others. A simple conversation will often show you that you aren't the only one feeling that way.

I myself have a few group chats, where we share our worries and help each other with advice/ideas etc. So when Accessorize asked me to come to Eaton House to chat with fellow bloggers and GRL PWR Gang about empowerment, social pressures, body image and more I jumped at the chance! Just look at how happy we are here, an amazing group of girls!
Eaton House was honestly the perfect setting for our girls group chat, it's like nothing I've ever seen before! We explored the rooms, taking pictures of each other with ease, it helps when there's people who do what you do and understand the shots that you'd like. Girls helping girls, now that's what girl power means to me!

During our chat we spoke about body image, self confidence, online pressures and much more. It was great to chat amongst different body types, ages and ethnicities. We all have our own hang ups about ourselves, mine personally came from comments amongst my peers whilst I was a teen. It makes me realise that with our voice, both online and in the real world, we need to be way more open minded and accepting about everyone. People come in different shapes and sizes, one is not better than the other. One is not more real than the other.

I'd become conscious of my slender frame during my teens, but as I grew older I started to appreciate aspects of my body. I dressed in ways to accentuate what I liked and balance out what I didn't. Learning to dress for your body shape and to feel comfortable in what you wear gives you confidence and empowerment. For me I often wear high waisted trousers to lengthen the appearance of my legs and in turn shorten the length of my torso. It draws attention to the smallest part of your waist when styling with the top tucked in. For a chic minimal look, I love to keep the tones monochrome and wear delicate sterling silver jewellery. Layering up your necklaces works so well, just keep the pendants simple so there isn't too much going on. Adding a splash of colour is easy with the addition of a bag, here I've gone for a mini cross body in a soft blush pink. When wearing such a large coat, smaller bags help balance out the look without looking overly bulky.
Jacket / Kate space  |  Top & Jeans / Topshop  |  Circle necklace, Letter necklace, Ring & Bag / Accessorize

High waisted items don't have to stop at trousers, skirts are something I'm starting to wear more, perfect for the fall months with a cosy jumper tucked in and a cosy scarf thrown on top. Let's just take a moment for this adorable dusty pink scarf! I usually think of soft colours as better to wear during summer but I'm totally changing that up this winter. Already I've added some dusty pink coats into my wardrobe, started thinking about pink jumpers and skirts too! I've also started to mix up more patterns and textures within my outfits for added interest, this doesn't just have to stop at your clothes though. Like a magpie I was instantly drawn to this beautiful beaded bag from Accessorize's Autumn Winter collection. Often I see such bags as something more for evening wear, but hey we don't have to stick to those rules now do we. I've not worn hoop earrings in so many years, I'm sort of scared they'll catch on something, so these subtle mini ones are perfect to get me back into the trend.
Jumper & Skirt / Primark  |  Scarf, bag, earrings, rose gold ring & silver ring / Accessorize

Jewellery has always been a great love of mine, you can really express your individuality and mood with what you choose to wear that day. With these pieces, especially those stunning earrings, I get fancy opulent vibes. More often than not I keep my earrings subtle but these statement ones are just perfect to dress up any outfit. I've had so many compliments when I've worn these too, seems I need to get myself more in this style! Similarly, I had never worn a brooch before but added to a bow it just looks so sweet! Underneath I added a layered necklace which really dresses up the plain white blouse. To further the opulent style I was going for here I completed the outfit with a studded burgundy velvet bag. It's so versatile, either wear it with it's chain strap on your shoulder, or tuck that inside the bag for a perfect clutch.
Blouse / SilkFred  |  Bag, earrings, brooch, necklace & ring / Accessorize

I want to say a big thank you to Accessorize for inviting me to such an amazing event, I loved seeing all their new A/W17 range which you can see here. It was so inspiring talking to other like-minded people and seeing so much strength and resilience you get from being online. You do need a thick skin and it helps so much when you have amazing people to support you!

Here's more pictures from the event

This post was kindly sponsored by Accessorize

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