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My recent mascara of choice was the L'Oreal Paris False Lash Mascara Superstar which is a two step processes including a primer. This was the first L'Oreal Paris mascara I'd ever tried and it was my go to every morning until I recently ran out. I was up for trying another so was thrilled to get my hands on L'Oreal's brand spanking new, soon to be released False Lash sculpt before it hit the shelves. This also is a fibre enriched mascara like the one I previously tried, it helps lengthen your lashes but without the need of a primer first. Amazing to cut out an extra step right! It gives noticeable length AND volume in one coat, yes one coat, which is great as I'm not one for spidery looking lashes that some mascaras end up doing to me, so I really appreciate the added volume too. It really does thicken but not clump your lashes for a beautiful full looking fanned out lengthened look.

Customise your own Ray-Ban | Ray-Ban REMIX

Ever found a pair of sunglasses and thought, I like these, but I wish this bit was different.. wishing the frame was silver instead of gold, wanting cool/different lenses. I'm sure we've all been there. Below is an example, I got these earlier in the year, I do love them, but they'd look way better with a silver frame to be honest.


For me, lingerie is up there with one of my other favourite things, jewellery. I'm fussy and usually I tend to like something a little different, often a little fancy.

Mystic Mermaid with Schwarzkopf LIVE!

So remember back to this post announcing my upcoming collaboration with Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour? Well, everything is going live very soon! I'm excited to share everything with you as I'm so so pleased with how the images turned out, especially the head shots against the pink backdrop! You may also spot me in moving adverts around the UK too! So very surreal!

Maleficent DIY Halloween Outfit

This evening I'm at Gleam's Halloween Party dressed as Maleficent, I thought it was the perfect time to embrace the spirit of Halloween and up my DIY outfit making skills and share how I did it all with you guys. As long as you have the horns, red lips and contoured cheekbones people should guess you're Maleficent. So on to how I made them:


I was invited along to Disneyland with The Blogger Programme, 3 days of fun with some of my favourite girls. The absolute dream! I never got to go to Disneyland as a child, I've been briefly twice before and those felt rushed as I only spent a day there each time. Finally being able to experience it all properly and not in a rush was something I really needed as of late.

The Fifth - Hide Out

The Fifth has launched their new collection called "Hide Out", here I'm styling 4 pieces which are now available at Urban Outfitters. An Australian brand I've loved for their minimal and clean cut pieces for several years now. Their items are so effortless and chic, staples for any wardrobe and easily dressed up or down.

H&M Denim - A look at 3 new styles

So usually if you spot me in denim jeans, they'll be high waisted and super skinny, well it's nice to break things up now and again right? Well yes there is still one pair which are skinny, I just couldn't help myself! For these three jeans I opted for different vibes to the styling, relaxed, retro and chic. Let me talk you through them below.

Grey ombré, but into what colour?!

So can you guess what I’m going to announce in this post? I’m changing my hair colour yet again!

Let's talk body confidence and boob jobs

So a change is about to happen, something you’ll probably notice. As I’m someone online it’s not something I can really hide so I wanted to be honest and upfront about it, in hopes it could help at least one person out there. I’m very soon about to have a breast augmentation at Transform with Mr Meleagros, to some this may be quite a surprise as online I’ve not necessarily expressed my body conscious issues about this part of me. Above is the only picture of me EVER in a low cut dress braless, I only posted this on Instagram as the side lighting is rather flattering.

So why am I getting this done you might be wondering?

Urban Lights

Sunglasses / Quay Australia
Dress / Cheap Monday, similar here
Belt / Topshop
Trainers / Nike
Rings / Bloody Mary Metal, The Rogue & Wolf & Dominique Lucas
Photos by Yanin

Originally we ventured to the Urban Lights one evening after I tried my first Korean BBQ (which is amazing I might add), it was full of people and the atmosphere was electric.. sorry I just had to. I'd seen it in people's vlogs on YouTube and I'd always wanted to check it out for myself! 
Got this snap of me there that night, but I knew I wanted to return during the day to get an outfit shot. 

Luckily when we went there was no one there in the day! I thought this classic outfit would be set off well against the starkness of the lights. I love the mix of chic style from the dress and my hair up paired with the casual yet clean look of the trainers. Since I got those Nikes I wear them SO MUCH! At first I wasn't sure what they'd go with, but they are so easy to style!

Are you into styling up trainers this season?

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How to Pink to Purple ombre with LIVE

I wanted to say a massive thank you for such a positive reaction to my custom colour I did in collaboration with Schwarzkopf LIVE, a lot have even said it's one of the favourite looks I've done to date! Lots of you have also asked to see how I achieved my custom pastel pink to purple colour and now I can share the how-to video I filmed with LIVE with you guys!

Laser Hair Removal at Silk Skin Laser Care, Test patch & 1st treatment

I was once told that laser hair removal is addictive, I didn't really understand what they meant until I had my legs done. The ease of being hair free is indeed addictive, it's so convenient and one less thing to think about.

Nasty Gals Do it Better

If you follow me on my social platforms you'd of seen that whilst in LA Yanin and I got to visit the Nasty Gal HQ! It was a little quiet around that time as Coachella happened and so a few staff had taken the wise choice of booking some holiday to recover aha. We were shown around the offices and gifted a whole new outfit!

A Room With A View

So this room hey! We luckily were able to stay with friends whilst being in LA, Natalie and Grace kindly opened up their home and let us stay in their lounge. As soon as I entered their place and saw those windows I just knew I had to get an outfit shot there! Such beautiful floor to ceiling windows wrapping right round their apartment meant the whole place had the most beautiful light. You could even see the Hollywood sign!

Sunny Suburbia

After coffee we ventured a short walk from Melrose and headed down a quiet street. A spontaneous shoot in the middle of the road, as you do! The dappled light shone through the trees, skimming the sequinned top to cast a rainbow of colours across my arms. As the top is quite a bold piece and well, doesn't have much to it, I went for a plane maxi skirt with a split down the leg, showing off nicely the buckled boots I wore too.

Down Melrose

 Oh hai Paul Smith's pink wall! When we rocked up to shoot here, others were just leaving and more were arriving to also shoot. Quite a popular place and I can see why! Love it's pop of colour, I think it compliments my hair and Miu Miu sunglasses well. 

LA Paradise

So if you do not follow my social media, you may not know that I'm currently in LA! Yesterday we had a little impromptu shoot at the roof top pool in the beautiful evening sun.

Pink to purple ombre with LIVE

Some of you may have already seen the Schwarzkopf LIVE color XXL adverts on TV featuring myself and some other bloggers. It's so surreal seeing yourself on TV, and I couldn't be happier that it's sponsoring New Girl as that's one of my favourite shows! This has got to be one of the most exciting things I've done and the reception from those who have seen it already has been amazing. I even got my Dad into watching New Girl just so he could see me in the ad breaks. Thank you to all those that have tweeted me, left comments on my Instagram and Youtube saying you've spotted me!

Coloured hair, don't care

Well we couldn't just do only the one shoot together, if you missed the last shoot, you can see it here.

Armed with my photographer friend Oscar, we roamed around different locations, strutted, posed and laughed together. It felt so relaxed and was a lot of fun, I haven't shot that many times in a group of people, but I felt it made it easier as there were others to interact with. Sometimes when it's just me posing around I'm at a loss with what to do! You can check out my singular outfit shots here.

Which you are your favourite shots?

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Studded chic

Rewind a few weeks back to day 2 of London Fashion week, a quieter day for me, checking out lots of jewellery and meeting some designers, my jewellery game was strong that day to reflect this!

The Midnight Hangout

So you're in a cool hotel in London with a load of your mates, so of course you get pizza and have an impromptu photoshoot! A big thanks to Boohoo for putting us up in the Citizen M hotel and kitting us out for Saturday day and night! Seriously, look at the size of that bed!
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