For me, lingerie is up there with one of my other favourite things, jewellery. I'm fussy and usually I tend to like something a little different, often a little fancy.

Until more recently I found it always so hard to get bras as they rarely would even fit me so instead I was always more about buying fancy knickers. Now (for those who do not know I have had a little surgical help) I can get beautiful matching sets and search for some amazing lingerie brands out there. I'm not saying people need surgery to also do this by the way, merely explaining my more recent accumulation of new underwear. I've found so many brands via Instagram that I ended up creating a Pinterest board dedicated to amazing lingerie, from more independent brands to large well known companies, see it here.

I've now have been spending an unhealthy amount of time looking at beautiful lingerie, I'm so very much in love with brands like For Love and Lemons and recently purchased this halterneck bra from Asos (pictured below) it was ridiculously expensive, and the size isn't quite how I imagined. I got an XS and it doesn't fit as tightly around the ribs as I'd hope, I'm a 30inch band. Now I know that there's a place in Norwich, Proudlock & Harry, who stock For Love and Lemons, I'm so happy to go in and try on and get an idea of sizing for different styles too.
So the nova bra (now £20 at Asos) featured below is by Bluebella, understandably when I posted that very image on Instagram a fair few comments mentioned there wasn't much to it. BUT guys it really looks so amazing on. It's just hard to photograph on myself..
This brings me onto the main topic I wanted to write about in this post. I really adore lingerie, but I often worry about posting pictures of myself in such things. Not because what my parents might think, I would never post something which I knew they'd think was too much in the first place. But for what my followers might think. I don't want people to think I'm being too much, a slut etc. Slut shaming happens far too much these days. The above For Love and Lemons image had a girl calling me a slut, yet I'm far more covered up than the women/models on the brands page.

You see, we look at lingerie and most likely it's modelled by a girl we've never met, so one of the first things we're looking at is the underwear she's wearing. But when it's someone you know, whether in real life or online, the first thing you'll do is recognised them, or instantly feel a tad weird you've seen them in such a way. I have also felt myself at times feeling this towards other people, but then realised, shook it off and told them how amazing they looked. If I didn't already know them, I'm sure would have thought that right away!

I feel comfortable in my body and I'd like to share amazing lingerie with others who might like to discover something pretty too. Sometimes it does just look better on, like the Ann Summers body below, doesn't give a good idea at all on a hanger. If I'm okay with sharing such pictures then there shouldn't be a problem as it's my body right?
Often on social media, Instagram lets say, most imagery featuring lingerie doesn't show the woman's face, just head down, or if it does often they are looking away. Do we feel uncomfortable to be caught looking, does it make us more comfortable to be a voyeur? I noticed in my pics I shot I often did this too. Truth was I probably wasn't wearing making so didn't want to show my face. Sometimes is this better as then there's no added emotion, possible seductive expressions which could add the wrong feeling to the image?

When I wore the nova bra I actually felt amazing in it, the perfect fit and it was something so different to what I've ever seen before. It looks so feminine, classy and literally is perfection to me. But yes it doesn't leave much to the imagination, but it does look so much better on. So when I took a picture of myself it in, I made sure I was mostly covered up. Pictures of other women wearing it on their page made it look so amazing and I could see people commenting to their friends how amazing it was on after seeing it on my Instagram.
Some other brands I love.


Calvin Klein TopKnickers
UO exclusive TopKnickers
Is it weird to see the person photographing themselves as you no longer hold the gaze as the person behind the camera? Is it less weird for it to seem if someone else has taken the picture?

Often it's thought "sexy underwear" is bought by women to impress men. But why, perhaps that's the case for some. But for me, single for 2 years, I buy it solely for myself. So ladies, why not buy underwear because you deserve to treat yourself to something which makes you feel amazing. It's your body and if it makes you feel empowered then what's stopping you!

I just wish I was better at words and could get my point across, women in lingerie doesn't have to be slutty, it can be beautiful, tasteful and classy. Lets not bring others down, celebrate them for feeling confident or comfortable in their bodies. Lets help bring each other up girls!

Also yes, underwear doesn't always need to be shown on like below :)
Topshop bra
I also know not everyone will have the same taste in lingerie as me, there really is something for everyone online. Check out the worlds largest lingerie blog, I also descovered feminist underwear, underwear to resist the male gaze.

Who are your favourite lingerie brands? I'd love to check them out!

So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to host a giveaway!
Open worldwide. Enter using the widget below to win this Ines set in size small by Blue Bella! I don't mean to exclude with the size, I was sent this, but after trying on only the top and it not fitting I thought why not give it away. If this goes well thought I would love to approach Bluebella to do another giveaway. Check their sizing on there site here.

Winner will be picked at random and contacted within 2 days of end of the giveaway. If the winner doesn't respond within 5 days then a new winner will be chosen.
Bluebella Ines Set Giveaway
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  1. Love this post so much! The lingerie looks gorgeous on you and your images are definitely classy - don't worry about what a few keyboard warriors might have to say! X

  2. Great post and I happen to like your pics. The lingerie is beautiful and does look better on. To me it says a lot more about the person commenting, judging or shaming. In essence do what you want to do ;)

  3. Love this post so much, beautiful images and lingerie inspiration but also wise words too :)

  4. Ahh you have some really stunning lingerie in your collection!! I love this post and I totally understand what you're saying about the photos, but it definitely says more about the people judging. Your photos look beautiful x

  5. yesss! I absolutely love good lingerie! I'm subscribed to AdoreMe's monthly box right now but also love going to local boutiques for caged and lacy pieces!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  6. Your lingerie is just gorgeous and a woman shouldn't be criticized for wearing it. Come on... it isn't fair.
    If we have to wear uncomfortable bras, at least they should be cute.

  7. They are so gorgeous!!
    Especially the second one:)

  8. your lingerie is gorgeous ! such a cute pieces ! x

  9. OMG! Love your lingerie!! Great post! and although I will not compete, because I'm curvy and the size Small is not for me haha but wanted to comment that I love your page! and if there is a next giveaway, Count on me!❤️😊💋 kisses happy Friday!

  10. Great post. I've always loved lingerie and totally agree with everything you said. People are so quick to judge/shame when they know you but the same would never be said for models. Nicely put Leanne

  11. You look amazing! This sort of beautiful underwear is worn to be seen not hidden away, great post :) xx

  12. Entered i love this piece my husband would enjoy it. like FB Gabriela Aguilar Twitter @1chynna
    Follow IG chynna_gaby follow pinterest gabychynna Been Subscriber preciosachynna

  13. This is such a good post. I love underwear! I struggle to find any that a different so this is really useful!

    Jaynie Shannon. Beauty, Health & Lifestyle.



  14. Love this post so much! I am a huge lingerie lover but I tend to not photograph myself wearing it - mainly because I find it so hard to take the photo myself! Any tips with this?

    Laura X

  15. I want it all. I'm single too and definitely buy beautiful lingerie.. Just for me! x

    VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

  16. Great post. It's so true, pretty underwear makes me feel 100x better so why not photograph and post it! It's hardly any different from a skimpy bikini, which people are less afraid to post pictures of...
    Plus, if I had a body like yours, I would definitely not be afraid to flaunt it!

  17. love the pictures, great body btw and love your picks



  18. love it all! thanks for including us !xx

  19. I love ever piece, after reading this I don't think I'll have much money left for Christmas!! x


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