Coloured hair, don't care

Well we couldn't just do only the one shoot together, if you missed the last shoot, you can see it here.

Armed with my photographer friend Oscar, we roamed around different locations, strutted, posed and laughed together. It felt so relaxed and was a lot of fun, I haven't shot that many times in a group of people, but I felt it made it easier as there were others to interact with. Sometimes when it's just me posing around I'm at a loss with what to do! You can check out my singular outfit shots here.

Which you are your favourite shots?

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Studded chic

Rewind a few weeks back to day 2 of London Fashion week, a quieter day for me, checking out lots of jewellery and meeting some designers, my jewellery game was strong that day to reflect this!

The Midnight Hangout

So you're in a cool hotel in London with a load of your mates, so of course you get pizza and have an impromptu photoshoot! A big thanks to Boohoo for putting us up in the Citizen M hotel and kitting us out for Saturday day and night! Seriously, look at the size of that bed!

Double Denim - LFW day 1

Following on from an already crazy week with the heaviest suitcase (which had the world's shortest handle, why would someone do that?!), I'd been filming lots of outfits in London for an upcoming project, which I can share with you soon eeep! 


So some of you may have seen on my Instagram that I trialled Skinade, it's a beauty drink which I've seen a few celebs use and was intrigued to see if it actually worked for myself.
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