So some of you may have seen on my Instagram that I trialled Skinade, it's a beauty drink which I've seen a few celebs use and was intrigued to see if it actually worked for myself.

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It's meant to help your skin form collagen and is packed with lots of vitamins. You drink one bottle a day, everyday just after breakfast. The longer you take it, the better the results. You're meant to notice results after 30 days of continuous use.  

I must admit it's very odd smelling, do not smell it, seriously it will put you off trying it. It actually tastes nice, sort of like peach barley. Just don't smell it.. I did pretty well, I took it almost 20 days straight, perhaps accidentally missing 2 days when traveling and staying over in London. I did take the travel ones with me, but I forgot to make them up. If I'd of have 30 bottles I would have smashed 30 days.

The boxes contain 5 bottles and the travel set contained 10 sachets. I've still not actually used my travel ones, I found the bottles much more convenient to take, but if you were going away, you don't want to have to carry several bottles.

Was there a change?
Yes, my skin did feel firmer, I guess I'm too young to notice it reducing any lines so it didn't change my skin much, but I didn't do the 30 days.

Lots of people commented on my videos on Instagram pictures mentioning my hair looked longer, I had noticed my hair had grown a lot more than usual and my nails grew so quick! I then realised it was the Skinade, it contains biotin which is known for these effects on hair and nails. I had always wondered if biotin actually worked, and yes it does!

I do think this is great for people who are 30+ as there would be more noticeable signs of improvement to the skin. I have actually entered Skinade's Twitter giveaway, if you fancy winning 30 days of Skinade for both yourself and your Mum worth £90 each then tweet them a picture @skinade with the hashtag #mumselfie before Mother's day (this Sunday) I'd be really interested in seeing how it would effect my Mum's skin, she looks amazing for her age already, in her 60's she looks more like late 40s :)

Have you ever tried Skinade? I saw some of you had from my instagram picture, if so what were your thoughts?

Check out the benefits on their website here.

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  1. I have heard good things of this, but it's pretty pricey!

  2. Your skin looks flawless anyway this does look like something that a older lady would benifit from rather than people's lie in the twentys xx


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