Westfield Shoot, Events & Work | Vlog #12

Follow me through 26th March - 24th April 2014 where I photographed Baia's new collection, attended press days, filmed with Westfield Stratford City & more events in London!

Baia's collection is live! Check out my blog post about them here.

If you haven't already you should check out Jacqueline who features through this video several times <3

Press day blog post.

Watch Lexi and I's video with Westfield Stratford City here

A massive thank you to Westfield Stratford City for the exciting shopping challenge!

Their Edit Me app helped a lot help with inspiration with what to buy in the hour we had! See my style board below. Try it out for yourself here.

Motel Rocks event blog post coming soon! Don't forget you can use code "leannelimwalker" for 20% off <3

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AW14 & High Summer Press Day

Several weeks ago I ventured to London for the mlpr AW & High Summer Press Day. I was feeling quite brave and went by myself, usually I meet up with other blogger friends and have company. I was quite nervous at first, but I was shown around all brands by the most lovely staff and felt at ease in no time.

I was invited by Nica, a brand I've featured before. I was excited to see their AW14 collection! It features some lovely rich autumnal colours which I adore! I was asked to pick my favourite to be photographed for their twitter, this took me ages to decide as there were so many amazing styles!

Global Babe are a brand I saw earlier this year whilst attending the Pure Trade show in London back in February. You could never forget those amazing hats! They very kindly gifted me one of their jumpsuits in cobalt blue, if you follow my YouTube you'd have seen this already. Now these are some versatile pieces you can wear in so many ways! Blog post showing how I'd wear it is coming soon <3

 Fiorelli had the most beautiful bags! Which is your favourite from the above pictures? I'm quite tempted by the brown bag on the right in the first image, and the black bag on the right on the second image!

Face Lace have some amazing statement pieces which look so much fun to use! They also kindly gifted me an item which I cannot wait to play around with! Also small world, I follow two of their models on instagram!

A big step for me venturing to London, meeting brands on my own! I'm so glad I did as it gave me confidence in talking about what I do. They were all so lovely and it's always good to be able to put faces to the names you see in emails.

Which brands do you like the look of?

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Company Style Blogger Awards, I'm Nominated!

I remember finding out I'd been nominated whilst returning home from London on the train one evening. Seeing a tweet from Hannah congratulating us all. At first I was like, what is this about? What for? What's happened? Then I realised what it was and looked around with the biggest grin on my face. I let out a little squeal, not too loud that everyone would think I was some crazy girl. I was just sat there thinking, LIKE NO FRIGGIN' WAY! LIKE WHAT!?!

I'd mentioned on Instagram to my followers and on my twitter that it would be amazing for them to nominate me. I mentioned it also at the end of a 15 minute YouTube Haul, not thinking many people would be actually be watching right to the end. But people were, they commented on the video saying they'd nominated. I was overwhelmed. Completely taken back that so many had firstly even watched the whole long video, but then also taken the time to nominate me. How amazing is that! The support from everyone has been incredible. Not in my wildest dreams did I think it could happen. But thanks to you guys it has.

The biggest thank you to all of you who nominated me. To all of you that follow me on any platform. This whole blogging community has been one of the most amazing things to happen to me. I've met such amazing people. I cannot believe how friendly and supportive everyone involved, from readers, viewers and other bloggers, youtubers etc.

People have recently commented that in my videos now I seem happier and show more personality. I can honestly say this year I've been the happiest I've ever been and blogging and youtube have been some of the reasons why. Towards the end of last year things kinda sucked for me, going through a break up and feeling a bit lost. But now I've got the time to focus on what I want to do. And I've been able to achieve so much!

If you enjoy what I do, I would truly be so thrilled if you could vote for me to win in my category, Best Personal Style Blog here.

Not long left to cast your votes!! Voting ends tomorrow eeeep!
Good luck to everyone <3

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 items c/o / Catseyelondon

 I remembered seeing Catseyelondon whilst at Pure Trade show earlier this year and absolutely fell in love with their products! I've also since seen them being stocked in Urban Outfitters.

As a crazy cat lady I of course got a cat face cushion which is THE SOFTEST thing ever!

Forever writing myself lists I needed more note paper so got a matching one of those.

I'm always loosing my nail accessories so now I've got them all in one place :D

Which are your favourite items?

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£20 outfit challenge!

So I tried to £20 outfit challenge!
Before you watch the video, if you don't know already, try having a guess at how much my outfit came to for two tops, jeans and shoes!

This was so much fun to do! Why not try it for yourself? I found it much harder than I realised!

Do you think you could do this challenge?

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Vintage Styler

Jewellery c/o / Vintage Styler

I've had serious jewellery envy on the beautiful Arabella for so long now, I just had to get some princess jewels for myself!

How perfect are these pieces from Vintage Styler! I adore the attention to detail on the clasps also. Oh those little details get me every time!

The packaging is lovely and classic to suit the pieces also.

Look at me getting some fancy earrings! I of course went for pink to go with my hair <3

Are you a fan of these princess pieces?

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Petals and Peacocks

Coat c/o / Boohoo
Top / Petals & Peacocks c/o Nylon Shop
Jeans / Topshop
Heels / Matalan

Still in love with boyfriend style coats, and recently I've been all about cobalt blue! I think it goes so well with light blonde hair and also clashes nicely with pink.

Again featuring as these bargain Matalan heels, they help dress up an outfit nicely. They were only £15!

Still loving my white jonis. I never thought I'd end up owning some white jeans, but oh my I love them! Also recently got myself some ripped white boyfriend style jeans! Excited to style those up!

Are you a fan of white denim?

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My favourites of last month featuring fashion, beauty, music and more!

Discount codes: (view all on the right side of the blog)
Motelrocks - leannelimwalker for 20% off

What I'm wearing:
Cardigan - Independent store in Brighton
Lipstick - Mac Rebel
Rings - Wanderlust, Amelia May, The Bohemian Co & Druzy Dreams

Items Mentioned:

1. Missguided coat

2. Topshop Joni Jeans
White Jonis
Dark Blue
Checked pattern

3. Shop Dixi Necklace

4. Rings
Druzy Dreams
Amelia May

5. Pinky lipsticks
Mac Rebel
Barry M 160
Topshop All About Me

6. Sanctuary Spa Moisturiser

7. MXCI phone case

8. Hair Masks
Charles Worthington
Bleach London

9. App - Squaready

10. Iggy Azalea "Fancy"

Filmed on a Panasonic Lumix G3 as I ran out of bulbs for my lighting. Apologies for the constant changing in colour, focusing and exposure! Back to my usual set up soon!

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Top c/o / Boohoo
Skirt c/o / Boohoo
Shoes c/o / Boohoo
Top Necklace c/o / Shop Dixi
Bottom Necklace c/o / Primark Via Depop
Bracelet c/o / The Bohemian Co
Rings c/o / Druzy Dreams, Amelia May, Wanderlust
Lipstick / Mac "Rebel"

This is an outfit I can see myself wearing to death! It's so simple and classic, dressed up nicely with the jewellery. I've been really into accessorising as of late. So happy with these rings, such beautiful statement pieces and all sterling silver!

So everything apart from the jewellery is from Boohoo. SO impressed with their clothes at the moment! It's not been somewhere I often shop but I've seen lots of lovely ladies dressed in their items so had to have a look myself! Their prices are just so reasonable! That top was only £6 and that skirt is £10!

Do you ever shop in Boohoo?

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