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 I remembered seeing Catseyelondon whilst at Pure Trade show earlier this year and absolutely fell in love with their products! I've also since seen them being stocked in Urban Outfitters.

As a crazy cat lady I of course got a cat face cushion which is THE SOFTEST thing ever!

Forever writing myself lists I needed more note paper so got a matching one of those.

I'm always loosing my nail accessories so now I've got them all in one place :D

Which are your favourite items?

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  1. I love everything! I used to have a dog pencil case :)

    xoxo, S
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  2. This is every crazy cat lady's dream! :o

  3. Oh that cushion is just great *-*

  4. As a fellow cat lady, I really feel the need to have that cushion in my life!

    Sarah xx

  5. Awww these items are TOO cute!! Love your blog - I've finally got round to setting my own up & I've just featured a little something about you (with links) - would be ace if you had a peek! :)

  6. The cat cushion is adorable although it would probably freak me out if I rolled over and ended up face to face with it.

    Raise The Waves

  7. LOVE all these items, the cat cushion is so adorable!!

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