£20 outfit challenge!

So I tried to £20 outfit challenge!
Before you watch the video, if you don't know already, try having a guess at how much my outfit came to for two tops, jeans and shoes!

This was so much fun to do! Why not try it for yourself? I found it much harder than I realised!

Do you think you could do this challenge?

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  1. Wow! £16 is soo impressive haha. Well done you. The fringed top is really pretty sweet.


  2. Oh wow that's a really nice outfit for £20, I may have to try this after getting a coat for £1 the other day at a carboot ;D <3

    The Quirky Queer

  3. Thinking about it, this seems ridiculously hard to do! I'd head down to Primark!


  4. Love the hair!!


  5. Wow well done! Everytime I go to Primark I buy a lot of cute things at low prices :) but when i make an outfit I try to use items from different stores, and i think that way its harder to make an outfit of max £20 in day, or at least its hard for me haha :)
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  6. This looks like a great challenge, i love Primark, it's so cheap and the clothes still are so fashionable!

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