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Jewellery c/o / Vintage Styler

I've had serious jewellery envy on the beautiful Arabella for so long now, I just had to get some princess jewels for myself!

How perfect are these pieces from Vintage Styler! I adore the attention to detail on the clasps also. Oh those little details get me every time!

The packaging is lovely and classic to suit the pieces also.

Look at me getting some fancy earrings! I of course went for pink to go with my hair <3

Are you a fan of these princess pieces?

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  1. They're gorgeous! <3

  2. How pretty :3

  3. This jewellery is gorgeous! I remember seeing these on your instagram and they're so pretty :)

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    Love Emma xx

  4. Omg, these are gorgeous!! I would appreciate it if you could check out my blog - thanks x


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