Wide brimmed hat

Hat, Jumper & Coat / Primark
Boots / NewLook
Watch c/o / Daniel Wellington
Lipstick / Mac "Russian Red"

As soon as I purchased this hat from Primark, only £8, I knew it would go perfectly with my New Look knee high boots! I adore this outfit, it's comfy yet very chic looking. If you feel could you could always add tights :)

Here's my new Daniel Wellington watch, I went for the Classic Bristol in rose gold. Use code "holidayleanne" for 15% off until 31st December + Free worldwide delivery. They also have a special offer where if you add gift wrapping you will be able buy an extra wristband with 50% off.

A big thank you to Jacq who took these photos for me <3

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Watermarking your instagram images & why

Okay, so finally I've decided to watermark my images for Instagram.
I've seen lots of people doing it, and I've never before as I was worried of what others would think of me. That people would be like, who does she think she is. That I would look like a bit if a knob really.

So why have I now?

Shades of autumn

 Jacket / Whistles
Top & Jeans / Topshop
Shoes c/o / Public Desire
Watch c/o / Daniel Wellington
Lipstick / Limecrime Poisonberry 

It seems when it goes into Autumn/Winter I prefer the shades of white, black and grey! I think this works well though with my coloured hair and recent bold choices of lip colour.

Say hello to my beautiful new Whistles coat! I've noticed if you spend a little more on well made products it makes a difference. I can power walk and not overheat whilst wearing it, unlike if I wear my cheap synthetic material coats. The leather is buttery soft, the lining is quilted and comfortable. I can see it lasting me a life time <3

I'm not sure why I've not featured my Daniel Wellington watch more as I wear it so much! Even when I went to Barcelona recently and met lots of other bloggers, we are were wearing them. 

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Vlog cameras, my current choices

I've been spending an unhealthy amount of time searching the internet for my perfect camera to use for vlogging on my Youtube Channel. So I thought why not share it with you all too as it might help someone else as well.

Now I adore the DSLR I use for my blog pictures and main Youtube videos (it's a Canon 5D Mark ii if you wondered) but due to it's size, the lenses I use and lack of auto focus, it's no way practical to use for on the go vlogging.

Now to my new subscribers it might be news to you that I vlog, I do film most of the interesting adventures life takes me on, it's just, I haven't got round to editing them together since ermmmm May! I still wish to use the 6 months of footage at some point, I adore vlogs, for me they are great to watch back and relive all those memories again.

So yeah, I do vlog, it's just I've been a tad awful at using the footage. The camera I use is the Panasonic Lumix G3. Now don't get me wrong, it's a great camera, but over time I've noticed a few things which bug me and so I wish to make a change soon.

1. To start then, lets talk about the Panasonic Lumix G3 with 14-42mm lens

+ Now I know of a lot of Youtubers who used this or an earlier model to film their main channel videos too, the likes of Fashionrocksmysocks, Melon, and Beauty Crush. This is an older model so is affordable at around £300 including lens depending on where you shop. You can get the G6 model, was £600+ now £400+ here.

- For me it wasn't suitable for main channel videos as I hated that fact that even on a manual setting, not everything was manual. It has auto ISO so if you held up something dark for example it would make the video totally over exposed!

+ For on the go vlogging it's good. It has a flip out screen so you can check you are in frame. Be warned, do not talk to the screen, talk to the lens otherwise you are disconnecting from your viewers!

- A reoccurring issue I found was you had to wait for a while after turning your camera on to start filming, meaning I often missed things I reached out for my camera to film in the first place!

+ The inbuilt micro phone actually quite good. I like how upon editing you could tell if audio was recorded more left or right of the camera.

+ Video quality is great, I've also used this to film lookbooks as well. Great high resolution full HD.

- I wouldn't recommend this for blog photographs, I didn't like at all how it's pictures came out. Only time I liked the pictures were with the pop up flash for night time of me with other people. The flip screen made this perfect to get a great selfie with others.

* Takes SD cards
* 16.1 MP camera
* Full HD video
* Changeable lenses
* Flip touch screen
* Hot shoe
* 544g
* 47 x 115 x 84mm (H x W x D)
* Around £300

From using this camera I realised I wanted something smaller. More of a point and shoot camera, where it's slim, can fit into your pocket. Ideally with no changeable lenses and to have a flip out screen. I want something more convenient to take with me every day.

also available for cheaper with fixed 9mm lens

Okay so straight away I found a camera that has interchangeable lenses. I say I don't want one of that sort as I don't want the lens to stick out. 

+ With the fixed 9mm it should still be small enough to fit in your pocket.
- But you cannot zoom with the 9mm lens.
+ BUT it's pink :D, also comes in white, green, brown etc.
+ Can send photos and videos via wifi to your phone, tablet, computer.
+ Can use your phone as a remote to take pictures.
+ Comes also with a mini flash.
- Screen cannot lift up once mini flash has been added.
+ Very compact design.

* Takes Micro SD card
* 20.5 MP camera
* Shoots JPEG & RAW format
* Full HD video (25 & 30 fps)
* MPEG4 Format video & AVC/H.264
* Wifi
* Flip screen
* 61 x 110 x 23mm (H x W x D)
* Around £250-£350

I do feel I'm mainly drawn to this for it's colour more than anything else to be honest.

+ This camera I heard about through Melon, she now uses this camera for her vlogs.
- I've read it's a takes a little while to start filming after turning it on.
- Not the most attractive looking camera.

* Takes SD cards
* 16MP Camera
* Shoots JPEG format
* Full HD video
* MPEG4 Format video only
* Wifi
* Flip screen
* 224g
* 62.2 x 106.8 x 32.4mm (H x W x D)
* Around £160

+ Fun for Louis uses this camera for his vlogs.
I don't know much about this camera to be honest as it's quite a recent release, but the specs look amazing!

* Takes SD cards
* 20.1 MP camera
* Shoots JPEG & RAW format
* Full HD video (60fps)
* MPEG4 Format video & AVC/H.264
* Start up time 1 second
* Wifi
* Flip touch screen
* 304g
* 73.5 x 158 x 144mm (H x D x W)
* Around £500

+ This is the vlogging camera Hey Claire uses.
+ The lens is the equivalent to a DSLR's 24-70mm lens!
+ Great depth of field for both filming and photos.
+ I've seen people filming great quality main channel videos with it.
- Camera turns off if you push down the view finder.
- It's A LOT of money!

* Takes SD, micro SD & Sony Memory sticks
* 20.1 MP camera
* Shoots JPEG & RAW format
* Full HD video (30, 60 & 120 fps)
* MPEG4 Format video, AVCHD etc
* Start up time 1.6 seconds
* Wifi
* Flip screen
* 290g
* 58 x 102 x 41mm (H x W x D)
* Around £700

A great video review here.

My thoughts

If money was not an option, I would totally get the Sony! It seems unbelievable! Perfect for vlogs, I would take it with me every day for on the go blog pictures too. I always feel I let myself down with not having my DSLR camera when I go to events, but the pictures the Sony takes are amazing!

I think I will save up for the Sony, I'm not saying you guys should go crazy like me and get that too. But I feel it would be so perfect for my needs.

I would recommend the Panasonic Lumix for someone starting out on youtube, is suitable for main channel videos and vlogs.

I would recommend the Panasonic Tz55 for someone looking for a compact point and shoot for starting up vlogs. 

Or you could even look at older models of brands cameras. From research I saw flip screens and cameras with Wifi have been around for a couple of years, some even going on eBay for under £100. Try looking up Samsung MV900F.

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My updated skin care routine

More recently through watching lots of beauty gurus on youtube, I have finally become more experimental with makeup and skincare, of which I am so thankful for! I've improved my skin and longevity of my makeup so much since having my eyes opened to lots of other products and brands available on the market.


I ventured down to London for Very's party in the OXO Tower, dressed head to toe in Very <3

You can now buy the "Leanne" Dress at Motel Rocks!

So this is crazy news! I've got my own dress at Motel Rocks!
Shop the Red dress here
Shop the Black dress here

I was contacted by Motel Rocks a few months ago asking if I would like to collaborate and have my own dress with them, of course I said yes and jumped at the chance! After discussions on the dress I was invited down to their officers for a photoshoot!

So what made me go for this dress you may ask?

I adore the structure to it, it holds it's shape well due to the thicker fabric. It's so flattering with how it goes in perfectly at the waist. It's so versatile and can be easily dress up or down.
Whilst at their recent Christmas party I was reunited with my dress again, it was so great to share it with all the other bloggers attending along with the other dresses from Sarah, Tash, Yanin, Zoe and Kayla!

Amy, Kayla and Jacq
As usual I'm loving their items, oh that faux fur coat is amazing!
 Shop my Motel sequin dress here.
Don't forget you can use my code "leannelimwalker" for 20% off full price Motel Rocks! <3

Shop all bloggers dresses below.

As Motel Rocks are such babes, they've also given you guys the opportunity to win yourself my "Leanne" dress! 

Giveaway is open worldwide, please enter via the widget below <3

'Prize is non-transferrable or returnable. No cash alternative. Motel reserves the right to change or amend the terms of the competition at any time.'

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Nicole X Missguided Exclusive Coord Preview

So Nicole Scherzinger's next collection of gorgeous pieces for Missguided launches this Wednesday! Here's a sneaky peek of two of the items, how amazing is this top and skirt!

Camel Coat

 Coat / Primark
Top / H&M
Jeans / Topshop
Shoes / Zara
Michael Kors bag c/o / Daniel Footwear
Necklace & Bracelet c/o / Lyla Loves
Lipstick / Mac Diva
Eyelashes / Ardell demi wispies

I adore how simple and chic this outfit is! As it goes toward A/W my outfits become more muted. Usually I wear black white and burgundy. This time round I've started wearing camel, nudes and also greys.

Finally got myself one nude heels and these beauties from Zara were only £19.99! As the heels isn't too high they are SO comfy to wear. They almost feel like I'm wearing flats actually.

I also finally managed to get on the Ardell lashes bandwagon, I'd seen so many people on youtube talking about them, I did a google search to see if they were sold in the UK and yes! They are available in boots and superdrug. Here I'm wearing the demi wispies. They look quite dramatic in the box, but on they look surprisingly natural!

I've been after an origami bird bracelet to match my tattoo for ages! This one from Lyla Loves was only £3! It's surprisingly well made in brass, it's not bendy, its really sturdy :D The necklace from them was also only £3!

Meet my new favourite handbag, since I got this I've used it everyday! It's the perfect size and has lots of compartments inside for your phone, wallet, keys, makeup and more! I also love the length of the straps, you can easily wear this on your shoulder too, if like me you fill it with so much stuff it becomes too heavy to sit on your elbow ^_^ 

The lovely people at Daniel Footwear have kindly let me host a giveaway for one of your guys to win a £100 gift voucher to spend on their full price items. They stock so many amazing luxury brands, a £100 off makes things much more attainable <3

Open worldwide. Starts 06/10/14 12:00AM GMT and ends 15/10/14 12:00AM GMT, winner will be picked at random and displayed on the widget on 15/10/14 and emailed that day by myself. If they do not reply within 3 days another winner will be picked and contacted.
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