My updated skin care routine

More recently through watching lots of beauty gurus on youtube, I have finally become more experimental with makeup and skincare, of which I am so thankful for! I've improved my skin and longevity of my makeup so much since having my eyes opened to lots of other products and brands available on the market.

Today I'm sharing with you my new skin care routine. I say new as today I have just incorporated 3 new products into my routine. Instead of the usual, here's what I use sort of post, I wanted to let you guys follow my journey with it to see if it works.
If you follow my skin journey (see part 1 & 2) you will recognise the two Priori products. I've been using both for 4 months and love both greatly!

First I use a face wash to remove all makeup. I've been using the Witch skin care face wash recently. Then for a second cleanse I go in with this. Originally I only used this in the evening, but now I use it both morning and night. Using one pump with moistened hands you message it onto your damp face. Today I then added in my new step of then going over my skin with the magnitone lucid device, but we'll talk about that in a second.

What I love about the gentle cleanser is, even the first time I used it I noticed, it made my skin feel soft straight after use. My skin wasn't tight and dry. I didn't have to rush over to a moisturiser to make my skin feel happy.

I tend to leave it on my skin for a little longer whilst brushing my teeth, then rinse off with warm water and pat my face dry. I've got into a good routine of using fresh face towels, using one side in the morning, the other side in the evening. Then the next day having a fresh one to stop any build up of bacteria.

This skin renewal cream I only use at night time, massaging one pump into my skin, although I avoid above my top lip as I noticed I was too sensitive there and it made me break out.

I love this as it also gently exfoliates, keeping your skin nice and smooth. It also helps fade any pigmentation from old break outs and to even skin tone.
Welcome Liz Earle! I recently got to try a few of their christmas gift sets, these two are from their Radiant Beauty collection, they also come in their Botanical Skin Saviours collection but in smaller sizes.

This toning water is suitable for all skin types and feels so refreshing on the skin and does not sting. Apply using a cotton pad to remove any last signs of makeup and help reduce pore size.

I've been after a new moisturiser recently, I'd been using a Ren oil free one which I loved, but it ran out way too quick for how much it was! I moved onto a Witch Skincare one, but it didn't mattify my skin like advertised.

This moisturiser I love. It has a great consistency and sinks into the skin beautifully. They have it available for dry/sensitive, combination/oily and normal/combination skin types.

Both these products have lots of natural ingredients which help maintain your skin and help with cell renewal.

Check out their Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers for 20% off selected products!
This is Magnitone's lucid facial cleansing brush, this version in particular is their limited edition version with Pixie Lott. It's advertised to give you softer, clearer and brighter skin in 7 days. I was given this as a present from my recent photoshoot with AX Paris and was intrigued! At first I was a little apprehensive with using this device every day, worrying it would be too much for my skin. But it also has a sensitive setting which I've used and so far, so good. It helps your cleanser work better with your skin and also exfoliates. A deeper cleanse also helps products like moisturisers to work more effectively too.

Firstly you wet the brush, you can add your cleanser onto the brush, but I prefer to apply mine to my face with my hands first, then go over with the device. Push the button to start, this is the normal mode, press again to get to the sensitive mode and away you go. (It's recommended to use the device on the sensitive mode for the first 5 days of use, I'm that sad person who reads instruction manuals)

It also has an inbuilt timer, you start around your forehead, 20 seconds later it beeps. You move to your cheeks, 10 seconds on each, so 20 seconds later it beeps. Now you go over your nose and after 20 seconds it turns off and your cleansing is done. Rinse of your cleanser from your face and pat dry. Remove brush from device, rinse and leave to dry.

I use this twice a day for a minute each time. I double checked with Magnitone via twitter and they said this is perfectly fine. Originally I wasn't sure if that would be too much and perhaps I should only do once a day. I guess adjust to how your skin reacts.

It's recommended that you charge your device full before first use, I've read reviews of people using theirs for over a month and it still going strong on it's one charge. As it's fully water proof there isn't a hole to insert the charger, instead it magnetically connects. Brushes are said to last 3 months at a time.

The lucid is also available in 4 colours. Blue, green, yellow and pink.

So lets follow how my skin gets on through the 7 days then. Hopefully I shall remember to photograph my skin every day! I most likely will miss a few days, but as long as I have my before and after, that's the main thing right?

Soooo.. here's my skin today before starting with my updated routine. It's not looking it's best, but by no means is it looking it's worst! If you follow my skin journey you'd of seen it worst! My skin tone has improved so much since using the Priori products, also my pores have reduced and overall I look more glowy. At least as I've got older I no longer get blemishes on my forehead or nose, shame I still do on other areas.

Hope you like this format of seeing how the products work on my skin, rather than how I've seen people usually show their skin care. Let me know!

Have you tried any of these products? Or have any to recommend for clearing up skin?

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  1. I would love to try the facial cleansing brush! Great post.

    Anika May // UK Fashion & Style Blog

  2. Great post, I always like to see what products others are using, especially when they have a similar skin type to me. I'm dying to try some Liz Earle products, the Skin Repair Moisturiser and the Cleanse & Polish are on my most wanted list x

    Bridie | Upon My Sleeve

    1. I also have the cleanse and polish :D Seen lots of people use it along with the magnitone lucid actually. I think I might try that cleanser after I've finished my current one. I was just too scared to change all my skincare incase my skin freaked out aha x

  3. Liz Earle cleanse and polish let me down a bit even though I reckon it would benefit me more now. I have wanted to try their other products though. That cleansing brush looks lovely x

  4. I can't wait to hear about how your progress goes! I have a similar cleansing brush but I haven't begun using it yet...

  5. Neeed to change up my routine may just take this on board!
    S xx

  6. Super curious about this! Looking forward to see the future updates :)

  7. I reeeally want to try one of these face cleanser brushes!

  8. we've always wanted to try out the clarisonic, but we didn't really know whether it works or not

    M + K

  9. thanks for posting such an honest post!

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