Laser Hair Removal at Silk Skin Laser Care, Test patch & 1st treatment

I was once told that laser hair removal is addictive, I didn't really understand what they meant until I had my legs done. The ease of being hair free is indeed addictive, it's so convenient and one less thing to think about.

Now I am getting my underarms done at Silk Skin Laser Care in London, they are the only clinic on Harley street to use the high spec Dueto Mt, these lasers are also supplied to the NHS too. The machine blows constant cold air to cool the skin, then in bursts the laser shoots targeting down to the hair's root to kill it.

Before starting the treatment I came in for a consultation and test patch to see how my skin would react. The following week I was back for my 1st session, oh my the procedure is so quick! Well I guess it is only a small area. It feels like very quick bursts of heat and something hitting your skin. On some areas I didn't even feel it, on others it's a short sharp needle/nipping sort of sensation. It's hard to describe! The right underarm was completely fine, but my left for some reason was more sensitive, especially around the middle area, I did find this quite intense and flinched away. The nurse stopped straight away and reduced the laser's intensity, then I was completely fine. Afterwards an ice pack is applied to the skin to cool it down and then aloe vera gel. You are told to avoid putting anything on the area. I carried on my day completely as normal.

10 days later I was back for a follow up session to help get the hairs growing at around the same sort of speed. Same routine as the 1st session, so quick and I didn't flinch at all this time!

My next session is in 6 weeks time. After every session they've contacted me to see how I'm getting on :) I got to speak to another of their clients who was in the waiting room, she was telling me all the areas she was getting done. She told me she just wished she got it done when she was younger.

Read a review of Silk Skin Laser Care by Vogue here! What a thing for them to boast about hey.

So here's a before of how my underarms look for a reference as I go through the treatments. I'd stopped epilation of this area and now only shave. 

For laser hair removal you need there to be a root for the laser to kill. If you're pulling out the hairs you are pulling out the roots.

In these pictures I've just shaved, but you can see dots of the hairs still. As I progress through the sessions I expect this to lessen and the area to appear more even. Some areas look clear, these are areas which had epilation before and so there are currently no hairs.
I mentioned to Silk Skin Laser Care that so many of you expressed interest in laser hair removal and they thought it would be a great idea to let one of you have 1 free session to see how it is for yourself! This is worth £120 if the area chosen was the underarm. If any of you would like to have a package of laser hair removal you can get them in 6 or 8 sessions, use code "Leanne" for 10% off!

On to the giveaway! This is only open to people living in the UK, the winner has to be able to travel to London to their clinic on Harley Street. You must be 18 and over to enter.
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  1. Hey :-) Great post, i really love your blog and your hair is amazing, really suits you :-) x

  2. I really need laser hair treatment, I have really dark hairs and I feel so self conscious about it. I have heard Mouldyfruiit talk about Silk Skin in the past and I am so happy that you have too, I think it is decided that I definitely going to go their for it.
    Oh and your new hair is gorgeous

  3. I love watching and hearing about your laser hair removal treatments. As I'm from a Pakistani heritage my hairs all over my body are extremely dark making growing up very difficult as children tend to tease. I'm now almost 24 and it's still a huge issue I'm my life. Thank you for the information. I'm definitly going to look into getting it done. How many sessions did you have on your legs for the hair to completely go? On the video it just looked like the test and then a session.

    Have a lovely day x

  4. I've been undergoing laser hair removal for more than a year now (I have really thick hair wew) and it's great! Your hair gets really thin and now I only visit the clinic every couple of months because my hair is practically non-existent, and you're definitely right - laser hair removal can get addicting!

    Sartorial Noir

  5. The results look great Leanne! I never really thought about lazer hair removal on my under arms before!

    Emma at

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