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If you follow me on my social platforms you'd of seen that whilst in LA Yanin and I got to visit the Nasty Gal HQ! It was a little quiet around that time as Coachella happened and so a few staff had taken the wise choice of booking some holiday to recover aha. We were shown around the offices and gifted a whole new outfit!

 Suede Fringe Jacket c/o / Nasty Gal
Crop top c/o / Nasty Gal
Denim Shorts c/o / Nasty Gal
Bag c/o / Nasty Gal
Jeffrey Campbell Boots / Nasty Gal
Necklace c/o Bloody Mary Metal
Fang Ring / Kasun London
Tear drop ring c/o / Tessellate co.
Silver ring c/o / Primrose Hill
Photos by Yanin

All items I chose were from their own brand (not including the shoes), and how amazing is that jacket! Quite a heavy piece as it's real suede and from all that fringing, it goes right across from one arm to the other. As it's quite an out there piece I kept the top and shorts very simple, but hey I had to choose a fluffy bag too!

The shoes, oh the shoes! I bought these in the Nasty Gal store down in Santa Monica. Back in the day I was obsessed with Jeffrey Campbell, I guess over the years they'd fallen off my radar, but they are back on for sure after seeing these beauties! Another style I'm lusting over, well two more pairs, these cut out boots and these buckle pair. Okay I may have just ordered the buckle pair, oppsy <3

Have you ever bought anything from Nasty Gal?

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  1. I love this outfit, you look gorgeous Leanne!


    Beth |

  2. Amazing ❤️

  3. Amazing photos, absolutely love the outfit!

    Anika |

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  5. Love this look! The shoes are amazing!

    Mandy at

  6. love that jacket!

  7. Your style is so great! I love Nasty Gal!


  8. love that jacket ! you look gorgeous :)

  9. Edgy look that I love. And the shoes omg..

  10. love your jacket , and your hair is so pretty i love it :)

  11. soo jealous u got to go n visit Nasty Gal!! they r amazin! i got my eyes on those JC boots too..may have to invest in these as my first pair - the heels are so cool! x

  12. these outfit is just boasting of coolness, the bag, the suede fringe jacket and the shoes...the shoes! just perfect Leanne <3

  13. I get the jeffrey campbell obsession, these bootties are looking absolutely stunning I love the empty heal. So many great textures in this outfit! :)

    Oui Curvy

  14. I love your style so much, an amazing outfit, an amazing blog post!! :)

  15. The jacket is unreal! I love the shoes too! Gorgeous xo

    Sarah Louise Porter Blog

  16. So in love!!


    hercely ☽ |

  17. Absolutely love this jacket! Looking great Leanne x

  18. Totally loving this jacket Leanne, your outfit is stunning, perfect for festivals!

    Emma at

  19. The jacket really gives off a boho summer vibe! Love the blog post x

  20. Love the look hun you perfectly fit into a Nasty Gal look. It is all about being different, confident and unique and that is what you are. Keep on rocking gurl

    Greetings from London!



  21. I love the outfit! especially the jacket and the shoes!! Which is your favourite item from this look? go to the link to vote..


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