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My recent mascara of choice was the L'Oreal Paris False Lash Mascara Superstar which is a two step processes including a primer. This was the first L'Oreal Paris mascara I'd ever tried and it was my go to every morning until I recently ran out. I was up for trying another so was thrilled to get my hands on L'Oreal's brand spanking new, soon to be released False Lash sculpt before it hit the shelves. This also is a fibre enriched mascara like the one I previously tried, it helps lengthen your lashes but without the need of a primer first. Amazing to cut out an extra step right! It gives noticeable length AND volume in one coat, yes one coat, which is great as I'm not one for spidery looking lashes that some mascaras end up doing to me, so I really appreciate the added volume too. It really does thicken but not clump your lashes for a beautiful full looking fanned out lengthened look.

Often I don't like mascaras when I first get them, the formula can be too wet, but this was  great straight away, just take off the excess first and you're good to go. I've been using this everyday since I got it and have had people already question if I'm wearing any false lashes at all as they seem to look longer. A compliment I'm always going to take as I have such short lashes compared to my friends. Half Asian problems *sigh*.

The brush is very unusual but very effective. I found starting with the inside corner lashes and carefully brushing through them first, then slowly going through the rest making my way to the outer corner was the most effective. I loved how the brush curves out towards the bottom as it REALLY captures the outside corner lashes, an area I usually have to try and reach with the top of a mascara wand. It really gets right to the root and coats from roots to tip with ease. This is part of it's design, if you gently stamp along the base of your lashes along the roots with a gentle press it's said to tight line and create fuller looking lashes. Not something I normally do, so didn't try this out myself.

Often I find mascaras flake very badly on my lower lashes, but this stayed on perfectly all day, something I wasn't expecting at all to be honest. Looking to try this mascara? Not long to wait now, it comes out at the start of 2016 for £9.99.


I may have added another watch to my collection, I have two Daniel Wellington watches already, both of them from the Women's collections, but this time I wanted one from the Men's, I actually prefer the larger face. I went for their new Dapper design, distinctive with it's metallic blue hands and date on the face.

I've always loved Daniel Wellington for their minimalist design and super thin watch face. I especially like wearing watches to London, checking the time with ease without having to get my phone out. Someone tried to mug me in London before so I feel much safer this way!

Fancy getting yourself or a loved one a Daniel Wellington? Use my code "leannelimwalker" for 15% off until January 15th 2016


For my birthday I was given mostly money, I knew right away what I wanted to spend this on. A new Great Frog London ring! This Michael Rodent ring is also owned by lots of my friends, Yanin, Helen, Sammi, Jess and now myself. I love how chunky and grungy their pieces are. I cannot get enough of statement pieces so I'm sure my collection will grow past three items in no time!

Yep more jewellery!

I fell in love with Meadowlark back in January when I saw them on the explore page of Instagram. They stock pieces I'd never seen before, nesting rings like the one below so you could basically make your own ring. Most people never realised the ring I wore was made of three and I'd had my heart set on the five stack set so finally took the plunge to get the two arrow bands with diamonds. Such beautiful attention to detail, the middle ring is two snake heads biting onto the jewel. I recently saw they now have a band which fits with the outer starbursts. Maybe one day I'll have a seven stack..
Here are the other two rings I purchased, it seems I like spiky things huh! I also picked up some anchor earrings to replace my Vivienne Westwood ones as I lost one when taking off a roll neck jumper. True story.


So this isn't that new, but I've not really spoken about this palette from Collection before. Only £4.99 it has a contour, highlight and two blushes. For my photo I used the contour and highlight only, most days I usually use the bottom left blush. Such amazing results from such an affordable palette! Day to day I use the Anastasia contour palette but end up sticking this contour on top for more definition. A great purchase for anyone wanting to try contour and highlighting on a budget.

The highlight really impressed me, if you look at the picture at the bottom of this post you can really see it's beautiful glow. It's not trying to look "wet", just so angelic!

The only thing is the packaging doesn't stay looking so tidy for long, but then again the same can be said for the Anastasia contour palette too.

Matte Lipstick

I recently purchased more Jeffree Star Cosmetics velour liquid lips, I already own Unicorn Blood and Celebrity skin, both AMAZING might I add! I then bought Posh Space, Prom Night, Redrum and this, which is my favourite of the new ones, Masochist. I get asked frequently where I purchase Jeffree Star, from Cocktail cosmetics

So easy to apply, they don't dry instantly which is handy for the lighter shades especially when needing to correct any mistakes. I find for the edges of your lips, if you turn the wand upside down it gives a more precise edge. It lasts all day and if anything it's hard to get off your lips which is something you want for when eating and drinking so to not worry about how your lips look.

Loving matte finish, love the packaging, smells nice, feels fine and I next need androgyny! Very happy Jeffree has made that a permanent shade from the holiday collection. 


After falling in love with The Balm's MaryLouManiser I had to try more of their products! I never really mix up my blush so I thought I'd give one of their's a go. Beautiful colour, can be easily built up or kept subtle. I now apply blush following Goss makeup two finger technique.

So here's my face with the mascara, contour, highlight, blush and lip stick

Do you own anything from these brands? What items have you picked up lately that you love?

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