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I'm sure you all have already heard the news... Paul and I are engaged! Although it's been a few weeks already, it's still not quite sunken in and feels surreal to say the least. Realising I've never brought Paul onto my blog before, this is the perfect opportunity to share more about our relationship, how it all began an of course the proposal!

We met back in 2011 towards the end of the year through mutual friends on a night out in Norwich, remaining loosely in touch until we both became single end of 2013. We started hanging out together, going to the cinema, having dinner etc slowly becoming close friends. In reality we both really liked each other but through fears of rejection neither of us showed this and we carried on as just friends. The crazy thing is this carried on for 2 further years even to the frustration of our friends. Things changed after the tragic loss of my best friend Jacqueline, I was left inconsolable and shut myself away in the bedroom of my family home. People would reach out with their condolences, my parents didn't quite know how to handle me, I was lost in the overwhelming and confusing state of grief. Paul of course reached out and I had someone who became my portal to normality, it helped me managed my thoughts and gave a distraction when needed. This drew us closer than ever and by the end of the year my best friend had asked me to be his girlfriend, I of course said yes. Always so patient with me through my struggles and as cheesy as it sounds he makes me feel complete.
Fast forward to now, we're living together in a gorgeous rented Victorian terrace house with plants filling every room. Ideally we'd love to buy our own house in the same style so we can make it completely our own. Paint the walls, have the perfect kitchen and bathroom, you know? And finally get ourselves a kitten and puppy although we aren't quite sure yet on which breeds.
It's not been long since we returned from our amazing holiday in Thailand, I cannot put into words how much that place means to me. Jacqueline took me there 4 years ago and opened my eyes to the sights and sounds of Bangkok and Chiang Mai. I'd never experienced places like that in my life and it was a real culture shock for sure. Paul knew how much Thailand meant to me so his surprise proposal was made even more special by this location and all that it held for me. I knew I wanted to be with Paul forever, we'd discussed the ring and I knew it would happen one day. But honestly I had no idea it would happen during this time and since that magical moment we've been living in a happy bubble. 

That day started just as any other, he wasn't nervous, didn't act any different, even right up to the big moment. We spent the day on an idyllic private beach basking in the sun, then out of nowhere the heavens opened and a down pour of torrential rain fell upon us. Laughing it off we held our towels above our head and waited it out. Not long had passed and out the sun came. We were left with smiles on our faces, damp hair and wet through towels. Chasing the sunset we went to Windmill viewpoint to which nothing happened, no colourful skies, it just got dark. After a day filled with adventures and funny stories we had dinner and returned to our villa. It's best to see the proposal here as I wouldn't be able to do it justice in describing how it all happened. People have asked me if anything has changed, it's like we've fallen back in love and it's the honeymoon period all over again.
I honestly cannot imagine my life without Paul, our lives are so intwined and our futures are pictured together. That's why Thomas Sabo's latest Together campaign felt so perfect for us to be a part of. The range symbolises never-ending love and unbreakable bonds through intertwining links and hearts across delicate designs and more statement pieces suitable for all. The selection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings are available in sterling silver and 18k rose gold plating, some even incorporating diamonds for that extra sparkle. As my engagement ring is rose gold I've started mixing that with my usual sterling silver, perfectly Thomas Sabo even has pieces which mix them both!
I was so excited to get Paul involved in this campaign as last year for Christmas we gifted each other matching rings, this was perfect for me as I adore jewellery and wanted to get Paul into this too. Rings and watches are a great way to introduce someone who's starting out with jewellery, as long as you know their preference in sterling silver or rose gold and of course ring size. It's often harder to find jewellery Paul likes but he liked so many from the Together range alone. 
I love this time of year, there really is something so special, cosy and loving about the lead up to Christmas. Putting up the tree together, getting cosy in the lounge at night with the Christmas lights sparkling away. One of my favourite things is planning gifts for friends, family and Paul and this year I really feel I've got it covered. As this collection interprets the message of "Together", it's not only perfect for your partner, but also family and friends. Along side this collection they have so much more to choose from, from skulls to charms, engravable jewellery to his and hers watches.
Let me know which were your favourite items!

My Jewellery

Paul's Jewellery

This post was kindly sponsored by Thomas Sabo
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