Designer Bag Dupes

More and more people in the public eye are sporting expensive designer handbags, from celebrities to your favourite blogger. This hasn't gone unnoticed by high street brands who are supplying us with closely inspired designs at more affordable prices.

Admittedly I was never a major fan of handbags in the past, it was always a love affair of shoes and well obviously clothes for me. But in recent years it has sort of changed I guess! At this point in time I have indeed splurged on 4 designer handbags and a couple of other luxury accessories. I wear these a lot thankfully as those items aren't exactly cheap! 

I could no way afford to only buy designer so I do love a good old inspired bag myself too. A few days ago I bought a beautiful bag which has major Gucci vibes. It's rich almost metallic chevron finish creates an expensive feel and it's contrasting statement florals are complimented well with the gold hardware and chain strap. Such a steal for £59.99 here! Keep checking back as this keeps going in and out of stock like crazy! And lets take a moment for all those Gucci inspired loafers, I seem to be loving Gucci a lot huh!

Now on to these beauties I stumbled across today! On the left are the inspired pieces and the right are the designer originals.

These are all beautifully inspired bags for very affordable prices! I think my favourite out of these 6 is the last one, inspired by the Chloe Nile. I actually prefer the dupe more, it's sweet little metal plaque detail wins it for me. Which one is your favourite? Have you bagged yourself a designer dupe before?

If you like these sorts of posts please let me know below and I'll do more for sure!

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