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I am a massive fan of Topshop, the only thing I've ever had an issue with (apart from the occasional sizing problem) was they only shot on mannequins! In my feedback I always moaned about this, and maybe enough of us did? As finally I noticed they are using models. And my gosh does it make me want even more clothes! I love how they have styled (most outfits..) and it makes me want to also buy the other things they have styled with. I find myself re-looking at clothes I may have dismissed whilst browsing in store!

The top outfit! Those dungarees! I just had to start with it! The styling is amazing, I love how effortless and cute it is! I am now wanting this the most out of all the other items and I would love it with my recent Dr Martens my boyfriend surprised me with! Usually when I've seen dungarees they are styled with a t-shirt or some sort of crop, but I love this sleeveless shirt with it, having the shoulders exposed makes it look more sexy if that makes sense? Another thing I really want at the moment is a shoulder-less dress or crop top with three quarter length sleeves <3

More dungarees! So I did mention before I didn't think I would jump on the whole bandwagon of dungarees and when I saw these in store I wasn't sure about them, but I do adore the styling again! I love the simple layering, the contrasting patterns, textures and tones <3

I did almost purchase the leggings on the right! But I went for aztec ones instead, which had the same velvet black finish. I have found a repeating theme in some of my recent outfits, I love simple tops, then adding something bold on the bottom, both of these are amazing!

I adore shirts, I think these, after shoes, are the most frequent garment in my ever expanding wardrobe! The left has such a pretty cut out, setting it apart from any simple plain shirt! The right is adorable, I have such a soft spot for blues and white at the moment, although I haven't bought many things following this, but there's many I would love!

I think I only own two red things in my wardrobe, both are dresses, and this I would kindly love to add also! I'm not too sure how flattering it would be on my body shape, I have broad shoulders and I think this could emphasis this, and also I don't have much of a bust so the V neckline would be going to waste a little! It would look so lovely rocked up with a leather jacket on top. I think the right dress would be more suitable for my shape, I also love the fabric, I saw this on the rail in store in the last chance section, not many sizes are left unfortunately!  

Every girl needs a little black dress, and I love how simple this one is. Can be dressed up or down and is only £12, although not many sizes are left!
I do love joni jeans, and I love the colour of these! I saw a girl wearing a pair in town and it made me want them so much myself!

I would have never looked twice at the white skirt if I saw this in store, but I love how they have styled it! I now browse through and roll over every image to see it on a model and it definitely makes me view more items! I am always a fan of show the items sleeves that is under the jacket! Jacket on the right I would probably turn my nose up if I saw this in store (now in sale for £25!) but I love how it rocks up the dress it's over. I feel really inspired after spending time going through rolling my mouse over all images in every category ^_^

 Now to finish with this coat. I have been lusting over the one sold in Zara around christmas, and also one that was in River Island, this ia amazing, buuuuut I would remove that belt... but then again I wouldn't pay £175 for this *sigh*.

So I was so impressed with my new discovery, which I'm sure has probably been on Topshop for a while, but I've only just noticed this featured and it got me all excited and I have to do a post! Hope you enjoyed this <3

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  1. ughh! I love every single piece!

  2. You've picked out such nice items! Hallelujah to them using actual models! But this isn't a good thing for my bank balance as it's going to make me want so many more clothes haha

    Little Black Russian


  3. love that dress. x

  4. So many great items!
    Love the third dungarees!
    As well as the white skirt!
    And the colour of those jonis is really gorgeous
    S xx

  5. Great items.
    I love topshop, but we don't have any here in Belgium :(
    I could order online but I prefer actually trying on clothes to see if they fit me

  6. Cute items! topshop is too overpriced for me!

  7. mm everything is so nice! topshop can do my wrongs, i need to get my hands on some of this stuff

    check out my blog if you can, i love yours!

  8. I love everything here!



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