Minimalist Strap Sandals

After being in love with super high boots with platforms and big sold heels, I've turned a little softer and more sophisticated perhaps this spring/summer, with a new shoe crush!
It all started with my brother's girlfriend's strap sandals she got from Zara last season. They were similar to the right ones show above which are also from Zara. I loved the look of them instantly and had to get some for myself!

First I got the right pair from Zara, these are called the "Basic Sandal" and were £39.99, they were my favourite over all the others in store as I loved the monochrome two tone. The others I was not so keen on due to gold heels or a very thin strap at the front of the foot. These were just perfect, simple and would go with more I thought.

I'm usually a UK 3 in heels, but they only had a 4 in store, they fit the length of my foot well, but as my feet are quite thin there's a bit of room in the foot strap. I solved this whoever with silicon gel cushions from Primark which were only £1! I tried on a 3 in another style whilst in Zara to check for size, but I felt they crushed my toes a little, I'm more of a 3.5 really *sigh*

The left pair are from SheLikes, these are the 
"Frida Nude & Cream Minimalist Ankle Strap Sandals" and were only £25! They also have the same ones also in blue two tone, pink two tone and also in plain black. I got these in a UK 3 and they fit perfectly! I loved these and also the plain black ones, I'm glad I got these over the black ones otherwise they would have been so so similar to my Zara ones.

As you can see in these pictures the heel of the Zara ones are higher, they have a heel of 11cm whilst the SheLikes ones are 9cm (although online they say 10, I measured and mine are 9)
This slight heel height difference makes the SheLikes ones easier to walk in I find. I'm more likely to wear these in town around the day, the Zara ones I think are more for nights out to bars. I can definitely see a difference in how long I could wear each shoe for!

Also the ankle strap is adjustable on the SheLikes ones which on my small ankles give me much more support. Whilst wearing them, they just feel a lot more secure. My only criticism of the Zara ones are their lack of adjustable strap! They just have a loop which goes around your ankle and a zip up the back to get them on and off.

I would definitely recommend both! 
The Zara ones I feel are more for nights out, meals, evening wear (mainly as I couldn't walk too long in these). They would last longer as they are made of leather, but if you were looking for a cheaper alternative which are easier to walk in and look similar in style I would say get the SheLikes ones <3

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  1. Love this style of heel. I've just bought those Zara ones and another blue/gold pair...stunning!


  2. LOVE the zara ones need them!
    S xx

  3. I love these types of sandals. I'll def get a pair, I've seen that new look has some too, will go and try them as I don't really like buying shoes online.

  4. Love these shoes! Zara in my opinion do the best shoes they get it spot on every time :)

  5. love them. x

  6. The Zara heels are gorgeous. I love them :) x


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