April Haul!

A collective haul of items I have got through April, 24 items in total! My largest haul yet!

What I'm wearing:
Top - New Look
Lipstick - Chanel "Romantic"
Necklaces - Vivienne Westwood & Empty Casket bird skull.
Rings - Old ring worn as knuckle ring, wishbone knuckle ring c/o The Bohemian Collective

Read my shoes comparison blog post here and view my current Topshop Wishlist post here

Items Featured that I could link to:
Dino Necklace / c/o Little Tea Cup
Unif shorts / The Village Bicycle
Basic Sandals / Zara 
Frida Nude & Cream heels / c/o SheLikes
Crochet shorts / H&M
Socks / Topshop 
Nail varnish / Topshop 
Aztec leggings / Topshop 
Crop Top / c/o Iamvibes 
Cosmic Leotard / c/o Iamvibes
Oversized Hamsa Tee / c/o Iamvibes 
Beanie / c/o Iamvibes
Dungaree Dress / c/o Karmaclothing
"Ricarda" Dress / c/o ChiChi was actually £42.99 
Cat tights / c/o Pamela Mann

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  1. Adore your zara heels!!
    and your Iamvibes leotard is lush
    s xx


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