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Recently I have stocked up on lots of beautiful jewellery! These lovely items are from Shop Dixi, who have an amazing range! If you know me you would know I love long necklaces and have lots of them too! So I really needed to get something different to balance this up! I chose three quite different rings to suit different moods and styles, and a short silver dainty necklace. I was pleasantly surprised at the different styles they stock!

Not being content with stopping there, I stocked up on even more! If you follow me on instagram, twitter or watch my youtube videos, you will know my current favourite ring is my silver knuckle ring by the Bohemian Collective. I saw Dixi had some as well, but theirs were thicker. They have them in silver, rose gold, gold, plain band sets and more! As I mainly own silver rings I decided on a gold set (as my fingers are tiny I can wear the larger as a normal ring as well). I also opted for the rose gold wishbone ring as I have no rose gold jewellery and wanted to try it! I love how they also say Dixi inside!

How pretty is the Crystal point necklace too! Crystal necklaces are one of my favourites! I even featured some in my first ever youtube favourites video.

I love Dixi's packaging, the little square envelopes are just so cute! I'm definitely keeping those and the draw string bags <3
If you would like to add some Dixi jewellery to your collection, you can use my code "LEANNELW" at the check out for free UK delivery over orders of £15! This code is only valid until midnight on the 30th June (GMT)

Jewellery c/o Shop Dixi

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  1. Just found your blog, its fab! Those rings are a delight, I have a serious addiction to jewellery! I'm following you via BlogLovin now too! Pop by say hi sometime Kirsty x. Rockit Style

  2. These pieces are amazing. Love your blog and will definitely have to invest! Have an obsession at the moment with silver and turqouise stone jewellery. xx

  3. Really nice jewellery.
    Now following on bloglovin.

  4. Such gorgeous rings!
    Alex from These Folk x x

  5. Love Love Love these ring Leanne, especially the one with the large blue crystal stone. How stunning! Ive never bought anything from Shop Dixi and I think I better had do really :)

    Victoria at In the Frow xx

  6. Loving the rings so gorgeous
    S xx

  7. Ah these rings are so pretty! Love your atyle too, new follower :) x

  8. These look amazing, and you take great pictures btw :) x

  9. Beautiful pictures!!!
    Nice post:)

  10. I love this post! Rings are like my favourite piece of jewelry :) xx


  11. I love Shop Dixi, I really want to buy some rings and necklaces from there!
    Lucia's Loves

  12. Your photographs are so beautiful!

    And so are your rings. I'm always in awe of people who wear rings and look so effortless. I always look like I'm trying to hard.


  13. I love Dixi but never bought any, shockingly! :O Really need to.

    Wendy |



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