Baia - Little black bag

I've been in need of a mini shoulder bag for some time as my last one from Mango has completely fallen apart! I guess that's what happens when you buy mass produced items which aren't leather!

This beauty on the other hand, is handmade right here in Britain with locally scored materials. What was even more amazing was I was able to choose the colour and material of the main bag, add a highlight colour if I wanted and choose the lining. Now I'm highly fussy with bags, to custom pick how it looked was so handy! But if you are too spoilt for choice you can choose from their ready to buy section, if you liked the look of mine, mines the mini in black leather with a powder blue lining.

All hardware is brass, so it will not tarnish (unlike my previous bag..) and the strap is adjustable so you can choose how you want it to sit. It's concealed magnetic closure is in keeping with it's classic timeless design.

I'm so thrilled with my bag, I grabbed my camera as soon as this parcel arrived! And what a lovely surprise to have my name inside!
A big thank you to Susy from Baia!

If you fancy a "Mini" Baia Bag for yourself or a friend, use my special code "Leanne" at the check out for 25% off (be sure to use a capital L for the code, valid only for the mini baia bag, and is valid until June 30th)

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  1. cutest bag!

  2. wow its beautiful! <3

    Hayley xx

  3. LOVE that you can get it personalised!!!

  4. This is so stunning, it makes it much more special as its unique too :)


  5. This bag is so gorgeous! :)
    I'd love to have a little bag with my name in!


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