May Lookbook 2013

I've completed the requested video to do a lookbook of items I featured in my last month's haul, 11 outfits in total :) I've styled some with items which will be in my next video, the largest haul video yet! So you've had a little sneaky peak at a few things already!

Watch my last haul video and find links for those items featured here.

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If you liked the look of my bag from Baia, use code "Leanne" (make sure you use a capital L) at the checkout for 25% off their mini bag. Code expires 30th June 2013. Read my review of my Baia mini bag here.

Read how I did the pink ombre on my hair extensions myself here.

Hope this doesn't feel too long to watch, I tried to make the outfits a reasonable length each, probably didn't help me rambling at the beginning ^_^ If you prefer looking at pictures, then scroll down :)

The Outfits!
Top & Skirt  / American Apparel
Tights / c/o Pamela Mann
Shoes / Boohoo

Top / c/o Iamvibes
Cuff / c/o Phixclothing
Necklace & Leggings / Topshop
Shoes / Zara

Dress & Bracelet / Topshop
Necklace / Primark
Shoes / Tilted Sole

Jacket / c/o Phixclothing
Necklace & Cami / Topshop
Shorts / H&M
Sandals & Bag / Primark
Rings / c/o Shop Dixi
Watch / Urban Outfitters

Top / c/o Iamvibes
Riding Pants / American Apparel

Floral Head Crown / c/o RockNRose
Dress / c/o Chi Chi Clothing
Heels / c/o SheLikes
Rings / c/o ShopDixi & The Bohemian Co.
Necklace & Bracelet / Vivienne Westwood

Shirt / eBay
Top & heels / Topshop
Skirt / American Apparel
Rings / c/o ShopDixi
Bag / c/o Baia Bags 

Leotard / c/o Iamvibes
Shorts /
Shoes / Dr Martens
Cardigan / Run&Fly
Necklaces / c/o ShopDixi, Empty Casket, Topshop
Bracelet / c/o Honey Rose&Amber
Rings  / c/o ShopDixi & The Bohemian Co.

Hat, Necklace & Socks/ Topshop
Top / I made this myself!
Shorts / The Village Bicycle 
Cardigan / H&M
Shoes /

Dress / c/o
Top, Jacket & Necklace / Topshop
Sunglasses / eBay
Shoes / c/o 

Hat / c/o Iamvibes
Top / Primark
Necklace & Shoes / H&M
Jeans / Topshop

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  1. Love this video!! Best so far <3

    Sarah xxx

  2. love this video!! not how I imagined your voice... hehehe. Look amazing lady, what foundation do you use? I cant find one I like :(

    Love the boys dont learn top ;)

    Kisses xxx

  3. your legs look incredible in the cat tights.
    All the outfits are stunning x

  4. You made that crochet top!! That's frickin' beautiful, your so talented and pretty.. I'm not jealous in the slightest :P

    Wendy |


  5. My favourite is outfit #4 and I love the crochet top you made! :)


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