May Favourties

Things I loved in May, a mixture of clothes, skincare, hobbies, music and more! Links all below!

Other videos and blog posts mentioned in video;
- May haul
- Baia Bag Review (also use code "Leanne" on their website for 25% off their "mini bag" until 30th June 2013
- Eyeshadow colours I use from my Naked 2 palette for my brows are "tease" & "busted"
- Learn how to do the crochet squares I did in my top here.
- View all my handmade creations here.

What I'm wearing;
Lipstick - Chanel "Romantic"
Top - c/o Glamorous
Necklace - c/o Traditional Heart (who are on etsy)
Rings - c/o Shop Dixi & The Bohemian Co.

Items mentioned;
1. Cheap Monday Maxi dress from / Asos
2. Hand Bag / Baia Bags
3. Primark Green Sandals
4. Batiste dry shampoo / Superdrug
5. Bdellium 762 Angled Brow Brush / Cute Cosmetics
6. Clinique Anti -blemish solutions clear blemish gel / Clinique
7. Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub / Boots
8. Crocheting!
9. Application - "Vine"
10. Robin Thicke - "Blurred Lines" Featuring T.I & Pharrell Williams / Youtube

What were your favourites of last month, or this month so far?

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  1. Your crotchet top is so beautiful! What do you wear it with?

  2. This is the first time I've watched a video of yours from following you on instagram for a while to then following your blog. I have to say the way you carry yourself, like the way you speak and hold yourself is lovely. Might sound like a bit of a weird compliment but yeah :)

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