Lime Crime Lipsticks

Swatch colours in order: Glamour 101, Airborne Unicorn, Red Velvet
Glamour 101
Airborne Unicorn
Red Velvet worn in this youtube video (hard to get a good screen grab!)

I found Lime Crime through instagram, originally coming across the owner Doe Deere, who is amazingly beautiful with her doll like features and pastel purple coloured hair. I was intrigued by the thought of experimenting with lip colour and opted for the purple shade "Airborne Unicorn", thinking it would look lovely when I soon dye my hair a pastel pink or purple! (I need to get my roots done first!) They have so many colours, but I don't think I am brave for most of the others.

I purchased my two lipsticks from Cute Cosmetics for £11.50 each. Before they had free UK delivery with orders over £15, but now they have upped it to orders over £30. Their postage is only £2.95 so I wouldn't be put off ordering from them again. They had unfortunately sold out of the Velvetines so I purchased mine from I love makeup for £11.50 their delivery is £3.50, again not much.


Lipsticks - I loved the colour of "Airborne Unicorn", I wouldn't wear it out for the day, as it's not the most flattering on ones teeth colour, but it would look amazing for photoshoots and for when I have pastel hair! I did find the colours in real life didn't quite match up to the colours shown in the Lime Crime images. Airborne Unicorn is darker and more purple in real life, and Glamour 101 is more of a browny red than I expected. Also in the pictures the lipsticks look quite glossy, which they aren't as much when I wore them. I'm still happy with the colours, but expected Glamour 101 to be my favourite out of the two, but so far I've worn Airborne Unicorn more. 

The lipsticks are very pigmented and opaque, feeling smooth and creamy, and smelly amazing like candy! They are softer and more delicate than all my other lipsticks, I'm careful not to damage them. They need to be reapplied as they don't last as long as some lipsticks I've tried, I do find Glamour 101 lasts a bit longer. Also I found the lipsticks to be quite drying on the lips, so be sure to moisturise them before.

Velvetines - This liquid lipstick glides on wet, then dries to a beautiful matt finish. This is my favourite of all the three! It's colour looks accurate to the pictures by Lime Crime too. It stays on really well, but I found after wearing it all day it had bled out of the lines of my lips and feathed, but this was due to me not wearing lip liner. I've been told by someone they don't get that problem as they use a liner :) Looks like I need to purchase one soon as I don't own any!

This is a waterproof lipstick and I found it hard to remove when washing my face at night as usual ^_^ I did have to re apply after eating as some did come off. Also as I suggested in my May Haul video, be careful when putting the applicator back into the tube, as the first time I did it, some of the lipstick shot out onto my clothes!

I love their packaging, they are so cute, and they smell amazing! If you didn't want to spend £11.50 on the lipsticks then I have read a few people saying good dupes which I'm sure you could find if you looked it up on google.

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  1. I love the purple shade, looks so gorgeous with your floral crown :)

  2. Thanks for the review!
    I've heard that the lipsticks stain - as in they leave colour behind once removed. Did you find that happened with yours?

    1. I didn't find that for the Airborne one, but yes for the Glamour 101 and Red Velvet. But I've had that with some Topshop lipsticks too. I guess the better they are at staying on, the harder they are to remove. Perhaps with makeup remover it would come off better. I just used face wash ^_^

  3. They all look amazing on you!
    Love red velvet
    S xx

  4. they all look pretty on you


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