Easy Jeans Vs. Joni Jeans and Tube Pants

So I finally got round to doing a review of the Topshop Joni Jeans which I said I was going to do back in my first ever Youtube haul! I finally decided to do it now as I recently purchase River Island's Tube pants which look like another dupe of the American Apparel Easy Jeans. 

View the above video for a more in depth review about the three, where I also answer questions put to me on instagram and give my own tips.

I hope you enjoy this video and that it is helpful. As it is quite long, I've broken down it into parts below. Maybe helpful if you are looking for certain points, and don't have time to watch the whole video :) 

0:51 - American Apparel Easy Jeans Pros and Cons
3:14 - Easy Jeans video of them on
4:15 - How I measured the leg to work out leg length
4:57 - Topshop Black Joni Jeans Pros and Cons
5:46 - Topshop Blue Joni Jeans Pros and Cons
6:12 - Blue Joni Jeans video of them on
8:18 - River Island Tube Pants Pros and Cons
9:09 - Tube Pants video of them on
10:56 - All Jeans side by side on
12:34 - About leg lengths
13:47 - Instagram questions answered
17:52 - My tips 

So to start with the real deal, American Apparel Easy jeans which retail at £64, I actually got these with 30% off so they were a more reasonable £44.80. The main features of these are similar to that of Disco pants. A simple pant with a zip fly, a top button, no front pockets, and at the back two pockets. These are different as they are denim, and of course not shiny. A nice summer alternative to the much loved high waisted form fitting pant.

The denim is super smooth and soft, it's thin and highly stretchy with reinforced seams.

It's recommended on their site to size down, before they were shown to be super tight like in some of the old remaining pictures and short clip of them on a model. But in the newer ones they are shown as a more relaxed fit. They come in a choice of 15 colours. 
You cannot choose a leg length, but there is a sizing chart to show you how they will come up. Although they only state the inside seam of the leg. I worked out that if you measure the jean leg from the crotch to the end, (mine were stated to be a 28inch inside seam), then plus two, you would get the leg length. This works out as adding three to the inside seam measurement to calculate the jeans leg length. Mine come up a little long, nothing two rolls cannot fix!

Material: 77% Cotton, 21% Polyester, 2% Elastane

+Small at waist
+Available in 15 colours
+Good quality
+ Reinforced seams
+Could easily lunge in these, easy to move in

- Loose at ankles
- Most expensive
- Cannot choose different leg lengths
- Need to wear seamless pants

I have two pairs of the Topshop Joni's, this and a black pair. These retail at £36 and are available in three different leg lengths and 13 colours. I love how they look, such good dupes of the AA ones! I feel they fit better, the leg not sitting as straight, so it feels more fitted around the knee and ankle. These don't feel as tight as the AA ones, but for those I did size down. I would like these joni's to be tighter, but I feel the seams wouldn't last if I went for a tighter pair! It feels as you have saved money, you have lost out on quality of strong seams, something important for tight pants. If these break and you buy a new pair, you might as well have bought the AA ones in the first place!
Here are the seams of my black pair, as you pull the material, white stitches become visible, this is also seen along the sides of the back pockets. These are an early version, after so many bad reviews, apparently Topshop released a new version without any white visible stitching.

Material for blue: 55% Cotton, 23% Polyester, 21% Viscose, 1% Elastane
Material for black: 54% Cotton, 22% Polyester, 22% Viscose, 2% Elastane

+ Comes in different leg lengths
+ Available in 13 colours
+ Look a good dupe of AA ones
+ Thickest material of them all

- Week seams
- Sizing doesn't feel tight enough

These arrive last weekend, I'd seen others talking about these and I had to see what the fuss was about. I do really like these, as soon as I put them on I noticed how tight they were at the ankle which make these the tightest of them all. I did notice these aren't denim, I had assumed these would be. I looked back online and saw they do make denim versions, but this wasn't one of them. I didn't like their navy denim version with it's contrasting stitching.

The fit of these are nice and tight, but as the material feels more like trousers, these are stretchy and so they feel quite restricting. These are a good in between version of the AA and topshop ones. They are tight and fit well on the whole leg, they aren't too thin and they are the cheapest.

Material: 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane

+ Comes in different leg lengths
+ Look a good dupe of AA ones
+ Available in 10 colours
+ Tightest at ankle
+ Sit highest at the waist

- These aren't denim
- Front button looks a bit cheap
- Dust, fluff gets stuck on material easily
- Most restricting

American Apparel ones and the River Island had the best seams.
Topshop had the biggest back pockets, followed by AA, then River Island.

Over all it depends what you are looking for, if you want something tight like disco pants with lots of comfortable stretch, then go for AA ones. If you want a more affordable simple high waisted pant that won't last you as long, then go for the Topshop ones. If you are looking for something in between or still want to save a bit more, go for the River Island ones :)

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  1. Great post. I have a pair of the AA Easy Jeans and I love them, they're so stretchy and comfortable and I always have them rolled up at the bottom so don't mind the less tight ankles. I tried on the Joni jeans and really didn't get on with them, they just weren't a great fit for me. But I can see how they're a good dupe.

    Little Black Russian


  2. Great video/post! I've been looking at the easy jean for a while, but they're so expensive, it's great you got discount! I have the tube pants and love them, definitely need to pick up some joni jeans

    Ellen // A little bit Unique // Facebook // Bloglovin


  3. Love my jonis!
    I'm pretty glad that i haven't bought the AA
    S xx

  4. This is a really good review. thank you for this :)
    Would you say that the river islans one lose her shape or do they stay tight?

  5. I loved this post, I have a pair of black Joni jeans and I too find that they become baggy at the knee and bum quite quikly, and also I got a l30 instead of a l32 which was a huge mistake! I think after reading that they have improved the quality I may have to try the joni ones again in a leg size up because they're such good dupes. I loved this post xx


    Rose x

  6. I have the River Island tube pants and I was so disappointed! After a couple of wears they were all worn down and now I can't wear them without pulling them up every two minutes!

  7. amazing post! very informative, thank you!!

  8. What colour are the topshop jeans in?

  9. thank you so for you review! it helped me so much. :)
    and they all look perfect on you!

  10. THANK YOU!
    I've been stuck choosing between these, and your review was just what I needed. I tried ordering the AA ones before, but they were just REALLY big and I'm used to a tight fit. I think I'm going with the AA ones because my favorite Dr. Denim Solitaire is sold out in my size..
    Thanks again ♥

    Kira // http://artemiscadeau.blogspot.dk/

  11. I need those Joni Jeans! Recently returned from teaching in South Korea, I always saw these on blogs and adverts and now I'm back it's my number one mission to find the perfect pair (priorities ha) although after reading this I'm kind of into the tube pants too!


  12. Thank you, I was searching the web to find out what the Joni jeans were like and this has helped a great deal. Will buy the Joni's now! x



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