Pastel Heart

Penelope Oversized Floral Head Crown in Lilac / c/o RocknRose

Chi-Chi Heart Cutout Playsuit / c/o Lashes of London
Gold Cuff / c/o Phixclothing
Jeffrey Campbell 4evz sailboats / Tilted sole

I decided to take some pictures inside today as this gorgeous mint playsuit arrived from Lashes of London! It wasn't quite the weather to be prancing outside like this, so I remained indoors. Unfortunately my house is teeny tiny and I couldn't get a full length shot of me without getting some serious unflattering distortion from my lens! So instead I have included some iphone selfies to solve this :)

I just love the look of this playsuit, it has a pin up feel about it and looks like it's a two piece! But it's joined at the front with two cute gold heart shapes and at the back it's joined. There's also a dark (I think it's black) version online too which could be easier to wear for some people :)

Looking forward to wearing this all summer!

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  1. saw it on lydias blog too. the more i see it, the more i want to buy it. looks great on you! :)


  2. gorgeous outfit! that is so pretty i love it!

    Hayley xx

  3. LOVE this cut out playsuit!
    Absolutely gorge
    S xx

  4. love that crown.. x

  5. love the playsuit it's amazing and adore the shoes and floral crown
    xx ish

  6. I love this look. You look gorgeous

  7. Wow your blog is stunning- followed on bloglovin :) Had a giggle at the name of the playsuit considering my blog is called thisischichi!

  8. Beautiful... <3
    Just purchased it for myself! Hope it looks as good on me as it does on you. Beautiful once agin!


    (Sophiebelle24 - Instagram)

  9. Absolutely love seeing some color during these gray/rainy days! Hopefully it gets better again soon, so that you can wear this look outside :)

  10. Seriously LOVE this on you Leanne!!! The colour is perfect on you <3

  11. Stunner! Such a gorgeous colour combination too!
    Alex from These Folk x

  12. It is the second time in just two days that I arrive on your blog totally by chance (thanks Google Images aha), and it is the second time I'm crazy about what you are wearing ! Now I'll often check your posts because you're really inspiring :3

    1. That's so crazy! What were you searching? Good old google images :D

  13. We can't get enough of your playsuit here at the CAGECITY office it is so cute we love the joining hearts perfect for the summer when it gets here. You have such a wicked blog and we would love it if you checked out sometime.

    Much love from the CAGECITY crew! xx


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