Regal Rose

Regal Rose are a jewellery company I have been buying from since stumbling across their site back in January whilst at work searching for brands and bloggers. I instantly fell in love with their then gothic inspired jewels and bought  bird skull collar tips for a friend and the quarts necklace shown above with the garnet stone set in the top.

They are definitely one of my favourite jewellery brands, they have so many pieces I have fallen in love with! The silver wrap leaf ring is definitely going to be in my next youtube monthly favourites video! It works just so well with my current tan and favourite nail varnish, Essie "Ballet Slippers".

I'm heavily into sterling silver jewellery at the moment, due to the heat I find non silver jewellery makes my skin go green, and that's just nasty!

Of course I got some knuckle rings! As most rings can only really fit one of my fingers, knuckle rings give me the opportunity to jewel up! I do wish however this certain set came in different sizes as they feel a little big for me, they have flown off several times! Online it says they are an XS or UK letter size "L", which I don't agree with as my ring size is an L and they don't fit where a normal ring would. Knowing this I got a size small in the leaf wrap ring so it would sit like a normal ring :) 

I do like how with a lot of their rings you can choose the sizing, whether you want it as a knuckle ring, normal or thumb ring.

If you watched my June Haul video you would recognise the knuckle rings and the lace ombre crown, here's a picture of the crown on.

Which are your favourite pieces?

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  1. I love their jewellery, i especially like the look of the above the knuckle rings! xx

    - Jayne

    Electra Violet

  2. I love the leaf ring and both the necklaces are gorgeous :) I could buy everything on the Regal Rose website, especially the above knuckle rings! x

    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  3. The rings are so lovely! Well, all of it is lovely actually

  4. I love dainty jewellery :) loved this post :)

  5. I love the leaf ring!

  6. I love Regal Rose! I'm just not sure about which size to go for on a normal ring. I'm a S in Miss Selfridge rings. Are the sizes true to size?


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