How I style Joni Jeans

Here are 7 looks I put together to style my Joni Jeans, changing it up with different shoes and jewellery for each outfit. I wanted a variety so I've used crop tops, jumpers, boob tubes, shirts, leotards and a vest.

Watch my Easy Jeans Vs. Joni & Tube Pants Review here
Watch Jack do my makeup here

What I wore in the intro:
Shirt - Zara
Lipstick - Mac "Russian Red"
Nail Varnish - Essie "Ballet Slippers"

Music - Broke For Free - "As Colourful As Ever"

The Outfits!
Kimono & Crop top / Topshop
Shoes / Primark
Jewellery / c/o The Bohemian Collective & Shop Dixi 

Vest / Topshop
Shoes / Vans
Rings / Regal Rose & c/o Shop Dixi
Necklace / Urban Outfitters

Jacket / Topshop
Crop top / American Apparel
Shoes / Loveclothing
Necklace / Vivienne Westwood
Ring / The Bohemian Collective

Jumper / Topshop
Flip flops - A gift
Jewellery / Regal Rose

Cardigan / Charity Shop
Boob Tube / H&M
Heel / Zara
Rings / c/o Shop Dixi
Necklace / My 21st birthday present :D

Shirt / Zara
Sandals / New Look
Ring / A Gift

Leotard & Blazer / Topshop
Shoes / Nelly
Necklace / Regal Rose
Bracelet / Vivienne Westwood

I've tailored these outfits to flatter my body shape, I'm short with a long torso and little legs. Tops which finish at the waist with high waisted items suit my shape and make me look more in proportions. Please take these as inspiration and tailor them to what you feel comfortable in :)

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  1. love how youve styled them :)
    you given me some new ideas x

    Victoria Sanusi - Just Writing

  2. They look amazing on you, I've definitely got some good ideas now as they're basically the same as the AA Easy Jeans aren't they? (I'm sure you did a comparison post on them at some point). I really love them with the Zara shirt, it looks great tucked into the jeans and I love those sandals too.xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  3. I love the crop top and leather jacket look, these jeans really suit you!


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