Kitty Nail Tutorial

1 - Using the black nail pen, draw across the tip of the nail, fill in tip and create a curve to the line for a more rounded shape.

2 - Draw dots where you want the cat ears to finish.

3 - Draw in the ears. Tip: Vary cat ears, some filled in, some just outlined to add more variety.

4 - Repeat on all nails.

5 - Using the silver nail art pen draw on a face. Tips: i - Practice on a piece of paper first, ii - Add a pupil detail in the eye using the black nail art pen.

6 - Add a clear top coat. Tip: Wait until the nail polish has had a while to dry and set, so the design isn't spoilt.

Barry M Nail Art Pens c/o Missguided

I found these Nail Art pens by Barry M so easy to use! I need them in more colours! They make easy work of fiddly little lines and go on opaque. I really enjoyed doing this design, each little cat face has it's own cute variations, some with their eyes closer together, or their eyes looking in slightly different directions ^_^ 

At £4.99 I think they are really reasonable, I wouldn't want to spend much more, as I don't do nail art that often and they would spent a lot of time sat with my nail polishes. So handy to add something extra to your nails with little effort!

What would you do on your nails?

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  1. In love with this! Definitely gonna attempt to do it myself :)



  2. These are so adorable! Next time I do my nails I'm going to try them!

  3. This is so cute!
    Definitely going to be trying this out
    S xx

  4. OMG!! I Love these nails! Such an amazing idea! I have just found your blog through VIPXO's blog and I love your style! I will defo be trying this nail art soon, I love cats!!!
    x x x

    1. Though her blog! How? Through where it shows the people that follow her? :) xxx


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