Colourful Wednesday

Dress / c/o Glamorous
Heels / Boohoo
Rings / Regal Rose & The Bohemian Collective
Lipstick / Mac Russian Red
Nail Varnish / Essie "Ballet Slippers"

I feel I should have done my hair in plaits so I would be the polar opposite of Wednesday Addams, but in a sleeveless number of course as it's sweltering still in the UK! The title works as I took these on Wednesday.. but uploading this on Thursday kind of spoils the effect.. ops!

I adore the colour of this dress, as I said in my May Haul video, I needed more day dresses and this is perfect! So simple and a colourful take on a classic. The mesh collar detailing is so pretty and adds a nice contrast.

Got a little carried away when taking these pictures, look at me being more of a poser than usual! Whilst taking these near where I live, an old woman came over trying to tell me off for taking pictures as she lived near the wall... dear oh dear! So here's me rebelling and posing away ^_^

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  1. The color is amazing on you! I can never pull off peach :C

  2. Gorgeous colour and dress, love the collar effect! You really do look good in anything

  3. love that ring, nice dress

  4. This dress is so pretty, I love the little contrasting collar :) xx

    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  5. This dress is so nice, what a gorgeous colour! I love your cat shoes too :) x

    | Taxi for Jackson |

  6. Such a cute dress
    S xx

  7. love itttt, the dress is really simple but effotrless!

  8. you have beautiful hands! random but so true!

    loved this post :)

  9. love the dress, the colour looks amazing on you!

  10. This dress is so cute!


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