Global Babe

 Jumpsuit c/o / Global Babe
Necklace c/o / Vintage Styler
Shoes / Retro
Bracelet c/o / Black Tied
Ring c/o / Wanderlust
Lipstick "Centrifuchsia" c/o / LimeCrime

How amazing is this cobalt blue jumpsuit from Global Babe!
I was lucky enough to meet them at a recent Press Day and they ever so kindly gifted me this to style up on my blog! I chose this colour as it works so well with blonde or pink hair, and here I've got both!

I love how you can wear this item so many ways as the top half is made up of two very long pieces of fabric, which with a little imagination can be fashioned in a multitude of ways! Here I've shown three I came up with :) Also the fabric doesn't crease or need ironing, perfectly low maintenance!

It really can be dressed up to look rather fancy! I love how it looks like a dress too! Perfect holiday piece which you can transition from day to night.

If like me you may get stuck with ways to wear this, they have a helpful lookbook of styles they've fashioned here.

10% off their profits go to charity too!

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  1. I thought this was a maxi dress at first! The colour is stunning on you xx

    1. It seems to be confusing lots of people ^_^ thank you! :D x

  2. Thats so awesome! I think I like the first way the best because of the low back! xx
    Rena Kiss and Make Up

  3. Oh wow! Such a gorgeous dress with endless possibilities! I'm loving cobalt blue too (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - fashion, beauty + lifestyle

  4. So pretty! I've seen a couple of jumpsuits and dresses like this recently that can be styled in so many different ways... it's so perfect for wedding season!!

    Love Lucinda xx

  5. This is such an amazing design of a dress being able to wear it various ways, you look gorgeous!

  6. This is an amazing dress & i love that you can style it so many ways!

    Love Emma xx

  7. Love this outfit! Just started my blog! Check it out please! Would mean a lot to get some feed back! :)

  8. This colour is stunning on you, gorgeous outfit! x

  9. Wow! It's gorgeous! :)


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