The Fifth Quay

 Top c/o / The Fifth
Shorts c/o / Loveclothing
Belt & Bag / Topshop
Shoes c/o / Daniel Footwear
Ring c/o / Bloody Mary Metal
Quay Sunglasses c/o / Motel Rocks

Welcome to one of my favourite outfits. If you follow me on youtube you'll of heard of this top by The Fifth label many many times, and even seen it in my recent summer lookbook video. Who knew I would be so obsessed with a basic item, but when something gets it so right, oh it's good!

High neckline, low arm holes, flattering shoulder width makes this a winner for me. Seriously I've been after something like this for 3 or so years, no jokes.

I really do adore The Fifth's items, they've also recently started being stocked at Asos!

The whole look feels very chic and minimal, I pinned my hair back at the sides to go with the look a bit more. As the clothing is so simple I wanted to create pops of colour with the accessories. Welcome back those amazing Quay Australia sunglasses! My go to sunnies this summer! And I'm still muchly in love with my satchel I got from Topshop many years back.

Also I would like to apologise for my lack of posting on here recently, I've been posting lots of youtube videos which, if you do youtube yourself, you'll know takes up a lot of time. I even uploaded 3 videos in 3 days at one point, when I usually do one a week. I find it a struggle at times to be consistent with posting on both my blog and youtube when there's also other things like all the social platforms to go with them and also working. I've also recently tried fitting in more of a social life as managing all these things can take up all your time and you can feel quite lonely.

Moving forward, lets find a balance for everything. How do you guys do this?

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  1. beautiful look and you are stunning.

  2. You look absolutely amazing in this outfit, I love it's simplicity! Oh and those sunglasses, incredible!

    Amy at The Girl in the Bowler Hat

  3. Love the shoes, and your hair looks lovely :)

    Sarah Louise Porter Blog

  4. I loovveee tops with high neck lines and low arms! You look awesome, loving the sunglasses!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  5. That top looks lovely on you, I'm a fan of low arm holes on tops as well. That satchel is a gorgeous colour too :)

    Louise /

  6. I love this outfit, especially with the long muscle tee. The length is such an elegant touch it's very interesting. I think it's definitely hard to find a balance. Social media can be so overwhelming sometimes too and the internet just drains me if I don't find the time to be with friends. I have no idea how people do it to be honest but I'm sure that with trial and error and time, you'll figure out your groove!

    Do you take all of these photos by yourself? They're so awesome!


    1. Yes I do, which makes outfit picture taking hard than if someone else taking them for you ^_^

  7. great sunglasses, and also you have such great legs ! I'm jealous

  8. You really look like lady gaga as your mom said ���� on point xox��

  9. This look is a real inspiration!

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