The most defining year of my life & #sunflowersforjacqueline

I originally started writing this just after Christmas. I was sat on my bed on a rainy Sunday, catching up with the world after a blissful few days. I'd been in my own little bubble of a new relationship nestled in the limbo of Christmas and New Year. The rare few days where you have more time and less worries than usual. In this bubble I'd hardly reached for my phone, I'd enjoyed my absence from the online world, embraced not checking at least one social platform every 30 minutes or so. Enjoyed dancing like no one was watching, smiled until my face hurt and smiled some more. Stopped worrying about likes or planning what images to upload next on Instagram. Actually living, you know in the real world. So I've spent the past 10 years of my life with the Internet being such a big part of it. It is for most of us, and always will be, but it's about balance like everything I guess.

In the crazy whirlwind of a 2015, I'd come to the end of it feeling content and calm. The year really shaped me as a person far more than I could ever convey, far more than any year before. I'd grown in confidence, self belief and found myself a little more, especially in the last 2 months, as cliche as that really does sound. So I guess let's start at the beginning..

Florence with Tia Maria Firenze4Ever
1st Schwarzkopf Campaign, Pink to Purple hair, TV advert

Shot another Baia Collection
London Fashion Week
100K on YouTube

Harry Potter Studio tour Hogwarts express VIP launch
Dubai with Boohoo, TV advert

New hair, half pink, half purple
La with Yanin
Met HeyClaire and Jenn Im
Nasty Gal HQ
Boohoo TV advert airs
Paris with Olympus
Schwarzkopf TV advert airs

1st collab with Topshop, prom lookbook
Started working with Liz Earle
Workshop with Olympus and Topshop
Radio 1 Big weekend
Changed hair to lavander

Disneyland for the launch of DisneyXVans
Isle of Wight Festival
Ibiza with Boohoo

Back to Blonde
2nd Schwarzkopf Campaign, blonde to turquoise, TV advert

Ibiza with Malibu
My 26th Birthday
Leeds Festival

Sundown Festival
Worked with H&M
Lost Jacqueline
Copenhagen with Jane Koenig
Started planning #sunflowersforjacqueline

Said goodbye to Jacqueline
Money from Depop for charity
Disneyland with Blogger Programme
Back to pink hair
Newlook online advert
Made my own Maleficent costume for gleam halloween party

Chopped off 6.5 inchs of hair
Schwarzkopf TV advert airs
Caught up with friends, started feeling more me again
Came back to YouTube

Received designs for #sunflowersforjacqueline
Fell for my best friend Paul

Those were notes of my year, watch it in video form below. 2015 was the year of travel, finding true friendships and learning I'm stronger than I think.

As explained in the video, I waited to share it as I was going to launch #SunflowersForJacqueline at the end of it, but I decided to make a separate one for the launch on Friday last minute. This video is more of a little diary for myself to look back on and share a piece of me with you at the same time.

I want to thank you all for being so patient and understanding with me over the months that have gone by. I can't fully convey the rollercoaster of a year 2015 was, but I feel the video gives a better sense than anything I could write. I hope you do watch and please stay tuned on my social channels for Friday's launch of #SunflowersForJacqueline <3

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