Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara Review

I received this mascara in a goodie bag from The Edit's Launch Party, read about the event here.

I'm usually quite snobby with mascara, only using Clinique High Lengths or Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme as my usual preference. When I was a teenager I tried cheaper drug store mascaras, but as I blink a million times a minute and suffer from dry eyes, they water a lot! I found those flaked or ran causing a ridiculous panda-esk look!

I've tried the super hyped Benefit "They're Real" mascara in the travel size, and was quite impressed with that. I did like how it separated the lashes but I had to do a load of coats to get a noticeable effect. I don't have the patience to do this everyday, so I cannot justify paying £19.50 for a normal sized one.
Comparison between Barry M (top with 1 coat) & Benefit They're Real (Bottom with 4 coats)

Comparing these, they look fairly similar, Benefit does look more separated and neater, but no one would be viewing my eyes this closely in real life ^_^

Barry M's is at a fraction of the price at £6.49. It lasts all day, does not flake off, and I got the above look with one coat! Now this is more my kind of mascara, less faffing around. I like the results and for the price I think it's worth the money. Without mascara my lashes just kind of point forward, this really shows them off nicely.

It is quite thick, it's good as it goes on so well, but you have to be a little careful not to make them look a bit spidery. I often use two mascaras, one for the product and one for a good bit of separation. I think using this mascara, then separating a little if needed with a wand like benefit's they're real would work well.

I've yet to find the perfect mascara, but this is surely one of my personal favourites. Not quite beating the Clinique, Estee Lauder or Benefit, but they are a lot more expensive, but for the price of this, I was pleasantly surprised. I received two more in a goodie bag from the recent Missguided event, so I'm nicely stocked up for awhile!

 What mascaras are your favourites?

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  1. They definitely look comparable, £20 for a mascara is ridiculous. I'm loving the loreal telescopic at the moment :)

  2. Thanks for the review, I have so short lashes that I gave up on eyelashes...

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