Lost At Sea Jewellery

This jewellery company is me down to a T! If you know me then you would know I love nautical things (hence my anchor tattoo) and the name of this jewellery brand instantly caught my attention! When the items came I almost squealed at how amazing their packaging was! The nautical striped paper, the anchor sticker, the stamps on the boxes, even the striped string tied around the boxes! Their attention to detail was so cute! 

Of course I got a crystal & turquoise necklace as they are my current summer favourites! The bullet aura quartz necklace is so different and my favourite bullet necklace I have ever seen! At £20 it's cheaper than other sites too :) It has the most beautiful rainbow effect when it catches the light!

The hamsa hand necklace is so delicate looking and a good medium size, a lot I've seen are just too teeny tiny.

All necklaces are really good lengths, my preference is usually towards longer necklaces so I was pleasantly surprised when these arrived, as it doesn't state chain lengths for all necklaces on the site.

Which is your favourite necklace? If you fancied treating yourself or a loved one to one of these or anything else from Lost At Sea Jewellery, then use my code "THANKSLEANNE" at the checkout for 15% off your order! And no rush as the code will never expire YEY!

Jewellery c/o Lost at sea

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  1. They all look gorgeous! I love when thought goes into packaging aswell!


  2. I love the little hamsa hand, so cute! The packaging is lovely too :) x

    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  3. The jewellery's lovely! I love the packaging, it's so pretty :)

  4. I love that website and you've picked some really great pieces!


  5. Like this one, recently wanted to buy some crystal jewelry dress themselves, more like Swarovski parures, but I do not know too many styles to pick that good, we help to the point.


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