Laser Hair Removal - Test Patch Results & First Full Treatment

Way back when on the 3rd Jan 2014 I had my first full session of laser hair removal with the Soprano XL laser. This was 2 weeks after I'd had my test patch. I didn't shave my legs in this 2 week period to see if anything happened, I didn't notice anything quite yet and had to shave my legs the night before my next treatment.

The procedure was very much the same as described in my first post, but this time done all over my legs (apart from my tattoo). We popped on our protective glasses, added the ultra sound gel over my legs, a leg at a time, then off we went. 

We started with the top half of my right leg, once that was done the ultra sound gel was removed and an aloe vera gel was applied. This was repeated on my top half of my left leg, then I flipped over and we did the backs of my legs. For convenience I recommend wearing a dress or shorts, if it's a little cold wear tights and a dress. Then you don't have to be sat in your pants with a towel over you whilst being treated by someone you don't really know.

A day after my full treatment I actually started noticing a difference in the test patch area! The hairs on my legs grow so quick, I shave my legs and the next day there's hair growing back again. This was the case with my legs apart from the test patch area! There were hardly any hairs growing back.

Here's images of my legs 13 days after my full treatment. In the first photo that is how most of my legs looked (knee down anyway, I only have fine faint hairs on my thighs). The image below is the test patch area. Already a reduced amount and the skin looks better too.

Now this doesn't mean in the test patch area it's going to be hair free forever. Around 20% of the hairs in that area will have been killed though, but a lot of the hairs will grow back, but thinner. The more procedures I have, the more hairs will be killed. It should take around 6 treatments, I will also have 3 more top up treatments after if needed.

Stills c/o Curveball Media

I found the treatment really relaxing, especially the backs of my legs as I was laying on my front, I really could have fallen asleep!

You can watch the second part of the mini documentary following my experience here.

So sorry I've been behind on writing these posts! I have been filming the procedures myself too for my YouTube Channel. How would you all like to see them? Grouped together in a longer video or kept separate in parts about the test patch, first treatment and results, second treatment and results etc?

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  1. I really want to get laser hair removal, its the best and most comfortable form, the feeling of never having to shave again must be amazing! ♥

  2. I've been seriously considering getting laser hair removal myself, so this little series of yours is perfect! I would like to see the videos in separate parts. xx

    Malinda | Corrupted By Society


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